How do I find a telephone triage job? How do I find a telephone triage job? - pg.2 | allnurses

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How do I find a telephone triage job? - page 2

I live in a very remote area; telephone triage would be a GREAT way to work for me, how do I go about finding a job? I am a BSN who has been a nurse for 25 years..............done just about... Read More

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    Can I also apply for this position?
    Thank you
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    I recently applied for a position and haven't interviewed yet, but I can tell you in the job description, before they mentioned the pay, they said "note this is NOT a clinical position" .....It's around $19.00/hour ....
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    I sent a note to them... I am very interested in this position with Carenet.. thanks

    Nervousnurse, have you heard from them yet?
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    Any informtation on how to get a job doing telephone triage from home would be appreicated. I have 40+ years of RN experience. I experienced a detached retina two years ago and lost sight in one eye. I cannot work as an RN outside my home but would be perfect for a telephone position.
    Thank you
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    Where are you located? Where have you looked?
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    The VA hospital has telephone triage nurses.....