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I live in a very remote area; telephone triage would be a GREAT way to work for me, how do I go about finding a job? I am a BSN who has been a nurse for 25 years..............done just about... Read More

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    I work for a wonderful company that is based out of San Antonio, Tx. I know that they are hiring.... (Carenet Healthcare Services is currently seeking highly motivated, caring, compassionate, committed and talented Registered Nurses to join Carenet's Clinical Team.) You work in office for about 3 months...then earn the opportunity to work from home. They also offer a remote training...if you live outside of Texas, and you have some telephone triage experience! I came from a cardiac critical care background, so it's been challenging...yet exciting to provide care instructions and education over the phone for a variety of issues....This job isn't for everyone! However, it's very rewarding...Plus, how many RN jobs can you show up in your pajama's!!! :-) ( Just tell them...Brenda T sent you ).

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    How is the pay there?
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    I too am interested in the pay.I am currently doing telephone triage as a temp. I noted on their website they are in Iowa, Texas, California and TN- I don't live in any of those states. My home state is on the northeast coast. Is it possible to live in your home state and work telephone triage in another state?
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    Can I also apply for this position?
    Thank you
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    I recently applied for a position and haven't interviewed yet, but I can tell you in the job description, before they mentioned the pay, they said "note this is NOT a clinical position" .....It's around $19.00/hour ....
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    I sent a note to them... I am very interested in this position with Carenet.. thanks

    Nervousnurse, have you heard from them yet?
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    Any informtation on how to get a job doing telephone triage from home would be appreicated. I have 40+ years of RN experience. I experienced a detached retina two years ago and lost sight in one eye. I cannot work as an RN outside my home but would be perfect for a telephone position.
    Thank you
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    Where are you located? Where have you looked?
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    The VA hospital has telephone triage nurses.....

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