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  1. 0 Any recommendations for TEAS Study Apps or websites? I'm trying to decide if I want to just take the test to see what I need to work on or spend a little while prepping first. I'm a pretty good test taker.
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    Just buy the practice tests on the ATI website - you get a printout showing what areas you need to work on, and is quite similar to the real test.
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    I bought the TEAs book printed out by the ATI. I ordered it from the website, but wish I had not because it is sold at Barnes & Noble too (for cheaper).
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    Just rent the book for like $25. Send it back before 21 days and get your money back minus shipping. No need to buy it, if your only going to use it once. Make sure it's the one from the ATI website because they rent different ones. The book was great almost the same questions as the test just worded different. I failed the first time and the second time I studied from that book for a week one day on each section. Wish I would have done that the first time. Good Luck!!
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    I used an app for my iPhone, just search TEAS test prep and it should come up. I think it costs about 9.95 but is well worth it!! I scored a 91% on my test!!
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    I've been using that app also to study from! Its nice when you have some down time some place without the book to just be able to flip through questions and read the "info" as to why things are the correct answer. Glad to know its helpful! I take it June 4.

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