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  1. Hello everyone. I tried to post this a few minutes ago but I do not think it went through... here it goes again.

    I would like some help interpreting my teas scores.

    Adjusted Individual Total Score: 68.7%
    ATI Academic
    Preparedness Level:
    Mean - National: 64.3%
    Mean - Program: 64.9%
    Percentile Rank - National: 62
    Percentile Rank - Program: 61

    I have applied for Davidson CC ADN and LPN programs. The minimum score required to be ranked for programs is 62%. Students may earn up to 10 points for the program with teas test scores. 2-8 points are earned from Bio 165 and Bio 166 grades. I passed Bio 165 with a B. I am currently in Bio 166 and my final grade for the course will not give me any points for the program because I will be completing it after the application deadline. I am really hoping to get into the program at this school because it is so close to where I currently live. I am finishing up my application Monday at Forsyth Tech CC and I am also applying to a school 2 hours from where I currently live that is near my parents house as a back up. I am getting very nervous! I studied very hard for the teas using the ATI study guide and even though I scored high enough to be ranked, I am disappointed in my score. I am praying for the best and trying to keep a positive attitude!

    My actual question is, can anyone help me interpret my teas V score? Thank you so much All nurses community for taking the time to read my post! Good luck to all the other students.
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  3. by   Miiki
    Your scores suggest that you scored at an average level for everyone who has taken the test.

    Your program percentile 61 means that you scored better than 61% of people in your program, and 39% of people in your program scored better than you.
  4. by   IndySimp
    Thank you !
  5. by   determined_30
    can someone please tell me what grade level teas v is based on?
  6. by   meeep
    It's 9-12.