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I took the teas v exam on monday the 22nd. I didn't do well on the reading and english portion. If there is any advice that I could get on how to study or prepare for those two parts, I would greatly appreciate it. I am taking it... Read More

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    Willowita-Hi with the time samething, happen ran out of time So probably woulf have had a Perfect score.In Math-93.3% Science-68.8 Reading-78.2 English-72%.So guys watch the time,but can you or anyone give me tips to boost my score up for READING &ENGLISH PLEASE. I only need a 76in reading 70 in,english 53 in science 75 in math.PLEASE HELP!!! email me:missprettyperfect23@gmail.com need only help tips for Reading&English.I plan to take my test 04/15/12 Thanks in,advance

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    Hi everyone!

    I took Teas exam and I failed the reading and english part. I am going to take it again in January. Looking for advice. Thank you!
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    Quote from wintsada
    Hi everyone!

    I took Teas exam and I failed the reading and english part. I am going to take it again in January. Looking for advice. Thank you!
    I'm studying for the TEAS V using McGraw-Hill's 5 Teas Practice Tests. From what I see of the reading, important things are

    main idea
    supporting details
    definitions of words (what does the underlined word mean in this context?)
    motive (why did the author write this?)
    reading and understanding tables and graphs
    knowing where to look up information (dictionary, thesaurus, manual, encyclopedia, etc.)

    I realized quickly that while I have learned these things they are somewhere far back in my memory and trying to get them out is difficult. If I don't know what something is (e.g. what is a main idea?) I look it up online.

    I haven't studied the English portion yet.
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    Quote from tnosler
    I took the test yesterday... and passed! I agree that the ATI book is VERY close to the test! If you're going to buy a study guide, it makes sense to buy it from the company that wrote the test for sure. Especially the science. I cant remember even one question that want adressed in the ATI guide.
    I keep trying to tell people that. If you know the book (and it isn't THAT long) then it covers everything you need to know to do well on the test. I also suggest springing for the two online tests because they tell you afterwards specifically which sections of the book to study to brush up.
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    [COLOR=#000000][/COLOR]sadala is right...get the ati book and thetwo online tests. i did online practice test, then i went through the reading section of theati book (even things that i thought i knew) and then i took the 2nd online test. make sure you know the different types of texts...like narrative,expository etc... also, use scratch paper on the following directionsquestions. trying to keep it straight in your head is too much. on main ideaquestions, the ati book has good tips. you're looking for what is talked aboutthe most in text. if it's a summary, you want the answer that refers to thebeginning, middle, and end of the text. hope this helps.

    the reading is the only part of the test that we have to take and it counts as 1/3 of our admission points. i was really nervous but after studying I ended up doing very well. just study and pay attention to the questions when you take it. they will try to trick you.

    good luck!

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    Has anyone taken the teas at miami dade

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