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Hi Everyone! I was wondering if anyone can please tell me how much chemistry is on the TEAS? I have the ATI study guide but am curious to know if the information they provide in the book is enough... Read More

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    I also took my TEAS on 4/14 and I would have to agree with basically everything that twocrazycupcakes said in reference to studying. I made an 85.3% with a score in the 95th percentile. I will caution you to double-check your answers if you have time. By the time I got to the English section, I was DONE and didn't check my answers and that section had a lower score than I probably would have. I found that the science portion of the MacGraw book only prepped me a little. There were a lot of questions on cell parts and how they work, which was just touched on lightly by the prep book. I would have done some more serious studying on that if I had realized. The math was easy, just follow the book and I found that some of the Reading/English questions were a little subjective. You have to learn to answer how they want you to vs. how you want to, which I had some issues with. Overall, I wish I had stressed a little less too. I think I brought some overthinking on myself by not just trusting my knowledge. OH and I figured this test would be all locked down (kinda like the SAT's were). Well, we had ppl eating bananas during the test, guzzling water, using their phones as timers, etc. There were a lot of distractions... (not to mention the girl whose phone started ringing in the middle of the science section). I seconded her idea of getting ear plugs. It would have been a huge help.
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    Tammy_Zeidan09, I have to take the TEAS test coming up pretty soon. I've gone through the ATI book, but I had no idea there was a McGraw Hill study guide! And after reading what you said about the ATI book sometimes not covering material in enough detail, I'm starting to get really nervous!! Is there any way you could possibly send me the PDF as well if you have it? I checked with my schools library and they do not have a copy, and the Barnes and Noble in my town has none in stock. I would greatly, GREATLY appreciate it!
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    hey tammy_zeidan09 could you send me a copy too please or anyone that has one available i would apreciate it soo much
    thanks :d
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    I am taking the teas on May 19th. Can someone please send me the ati studyguide pdf?
    Thank you and good luck to all!
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    Can you please email me the PFD
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    Can i have a copy please???? i take my test in 2 days and can really use it
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    Where do you get these books to study for the TEAS? Im looking into applying to this college. Thanks
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    I just took that TEAS V exam last Friday... I am really pleased with my score, I received an 86.7 (Advanced). The average score is about a 65.3.

    It helps that I just finished taking Chemistry, for on my exam there were quite a few questions regarding chemical equations, the periodic table, types of bonds, etc.

    I used the ATI book to study from and it gave me a pretty good basis to go on, but I also looked up alot of biology, earth science, online to be more well rounded and it was worth it.
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    Hi I was wondering if I could get a copy of the PDF as well?
    My email is heidi10191019@gmail.com.

    Thank you,
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    Thanks for the file MrSensitivity!!

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