TEAS V Exam? Please Help?

  1. [FONT=century gothic]I'm taking the TEAS exam again, unfortunately I didn't pass it the first time. I was wondering.. will i get the same set of questions or a very different set of questions on my second attempt? What are some tips that you can recommend me to get a high score? In my first attempt I studied from the site : testprepreview.com. This time I'm studying from the TEAS V Study Manual from at testing. Will that be enough? is that a good study source or not?
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  3. by   traumanurse2b?
    Just read every question slowly and think through every answer. I know when I took it the time limit really made me feel like I had to rush, but I really had time to spare. Your test will not be identical to the first, but it may have some of the same questions. I found myself second guessing my answer for questions that were repeats from the first test. If you can explain an answer logically then go for it and don't second guess yourself. Good luck, and remember to relax!
  4. by   BloomNurseRN
    The first time I took the TEAS V, I scored a 74%. I took it 31 days later after using the ATI study guide religiously, as well as studying with a friend using that same guide, and was able to score an 84%. That 10% was absolutely worth the time and money for me that I spent with that study guide. Good luck!!
  5. by   chorkle
    My advisor tells me there are 2 versions of the TEAS V test; so if that's true, you might get the same test the second time, or a different one.

    I've taken it once, scored well; plan a second try next month, to see if I can up the score (it's 50% of admission criteria).

    IMHO, testprepreview was useless for the math portion, which I felt was likely to be a weak area. I do recommend the official TEAS V study guide. Also, I have to say I was most concerned about the math section, and did not work on the English sections--and it showed in my scores.

    Passing--is entirely dependent upon what your school requires. Where I took the TEAS (since it's not offered in every state, and not much in the summer, & some sites restrict who can take it there), passing was 50% for an LPN program. Where I need to apply it, 65% is the minimum accepted grade, & I've been told that those admitted score in the 80's & 90's.
  6. by   jojo1800
    Thank you so much everyone!