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TEAS V and school policy

  1. 0 So my school only allows us to take the teas test one time and if we dont pass, we cant take it again until a newer version comes out. Is this normal for all schools?
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    No, this is not the norm.

    As described, it seems harshly restrictive--you don't get the school's minimum acceptable grade, and you have to wait until there's a TEAS VI?? Who knows when that will be?

    This school accepts, what?--3 or 4 students per year?
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    That isn't the norm. I know some school will require you wait a little bit (maybe a month) before you retake it but I've never heard of them making you wait until the next version comes out.
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    @ chorkle, they accept 60 students for fall and spring semester, so 30 each class. I didnt think this sounded right at all. The counselor said its because people keep taking the same test over and over and eventually they will pass because they will learn the test. So she said this was a way to weed out the weak from the ones that will make it through the program. I felt offended because I believe just because you cant pass a test the first time doesnt mean you wont be one of the best nurses. @ zoe92, thanks. I thought this sounded a little strange.
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    That is a stupid reason to have such a restrictive policy. My school lets you do one retake after a 30 day waiting period. Then, you can't take it again for another year. It gives everyone a chance for a do-over, but not excessive retakes. If that is the way they run their program admissions (ie. no common sense), I would be afraid the rest of the program is run the same way. Maybe you are better off looking elsewhere for school!!
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    It isn't the same test over & over; there is more than one version, & there's been some suggestion there could be dozens of versions.

    ATI is said to continually tweak the exam which is presented, to forestall exactly this idea--learning the test by taking it often.

    Of course, if one wanted to do this, it'd be another fee each time.

    (Also, even if there were 25 folks taking it at a given time/place, and even if it were the same exam for all 25, the order of questions presented would vary greatly--i.e., no point in trying to peek at your neighbor's screen.)
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    That sucks! I know when I took the TEAS V I barely passed. Everyone else was repeating it and there were 6 others testing at the same time. The first thing that they had asked me was is the the 1st or 2nd time your taking this?
    One thing that helped me were the flash cards on Quizlet and really brushing up on the easy stuff like grammar and reading that helped to off set the lowest score I had in the science portion.