TEAS test prep materials from Amazon?

  1. Has anyone ordered the TEAS V test prep book from Amazon? I'm just curious if it's the exact same thing as what's on the ATI website? It looks like it and says it comes with two practice exams but I thought I would ask! I'm gearing up to take this test but need some study materials first!

    Thanks in advance for reading!
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  3. by   nurseywifeymommy1
    Most of the teas is general knowledge - you need to brush up on math. It was my lowest score.
  4. by   CC Wisconsin
    It probably is the same book. I bought the review book last year from ATI and put it up for sale on Amazon...I'm guessing a lot of people do that. I agree with the above comment...definitely study the math. I noticed that there were a lot of little things that I may have learned in elementary school but just got lost in my brain. If you skim through the review book and go over unfamiliar things you will look fine. Definitely take the practice tests seriously, though. Good luck
  5. by   kalmolil
    Excellent! Thanks for the tips! I did just complete College Algebra last semester so math is fresh on the brain but I definitely plan on getting the prep materials to study...I just wasn't sure if there was a particular difference between the two (ATI vs Amazon) or not.
  6. by   token787
    I bought mine from Borders before went out of business and noticed the book from ATI is no different. I just didn't get the bundle so I would have to go on ATI and order the practice test.