TEAS test in 2 1/2 weeks. Haven't been in school for 20 years.

  1. I am seriously getting nervous about my TEAS test. I have no idea what to expect. I have been studying the best that I can with the materials I have been able to find. The science is seriously the worst part for me. The math seems pretty basic and I have brushed up on those skills but the science is just SO much to take in.

    Any advice from those of you who have taken it would be GREAT!!!!

    Also just registered for this site. Really excited to get to know some of you.
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  3. by   Kmwatt
    I took it.bombed on the math.taking it again in two weeks! I bought both McGraw hill books+ Mometrix secrets of the teas flash cards,an older ATI pre test study guide & The complete idiots guide to nursing entrance exams!&i just ordered the ATI TEAS v study guide. & been praying for knowledge.Ive done all that I can,it's up to God now!

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  4. by   token787
    Get the ATI book to study for the TEAS. In my opinion, the ATI only introduces the science subjects to study, you should get other books to supplement and go in depth with the ATI science subjects.

    Most of all Welcome to AllNurses!!
  5. by   PurpleLover
    I studied the ATI book for a month, I took the test and made an 82%. The science portion was heavier on chemistry than I expected.

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  6. by   MissCris
    Definitely get the ATI book and study primarily from that, and then supplement from there. I also had heavy chemistry on my TEAS, but everything on that test was in the ATI book in some way, shape or form.
  7. by   Meeh619
    Just rent the ATI study manual.
  8. by   jennytrinhvu
    Hey, I have taken the test 3 times. The first time I did not study at all. I got a 78. Second time, I only studied for 3 hours. Got a 79. The third time, studied for about 3 days and got a 92%. I really do recommend the ATI book.

    If you aren't fresh on most of the material and are barely getting any study in, I would suggest you be prepared to probably have to take it an additional time.

    Get the ATI book for sure. For the Reading, Math, and Language/ Grammar portion the book is pretty spot on. As for the science, it's pretty much a gamble. The book touches base on the topics, but not very specific. It's more broad concepts. Youtube, is good source to get into a little more depth of the concepts.

    The math really is pretty basic, but just make sure you're able to solve the problems properly and quickly.

    Go through the book and read it a couple of times. Just highlight and reread it as often as you can. It really helps and will help you remember the information.

    If science isnt your best subject, study up on that most, but ALSO study up on other subjects a lot too. If you can score really high on the other portions and at least do okay in science you should be able to score pretty high. I got High 90s in everything else and got 80 something in science the third time around.

  9. by   DAWR
    I took it for another course in healthcare that I ended up not pursuing. It had been 36 years since I had been in school and I got a 76% overall. I did crappy in the Science section but the English and Grammer section is fairly easy. I used the McGraw Hill prep book with 5 tests in it for the TEAS V. I am taking it again in 2 weeks,
    and probably again after that if I don't like my score. Do NOT sweat it too much or you will do worse than you should. There were some young women in there with me who were panicking and not finishing sections and that is not a good thing. Panic and stress can mess with you on test day. Good Luck!
  10. by   lizcase11611
    I wouldn't worry too much. I dropped out of school at 14(I'm 22 as of November 4th) and never took another class or studied. Just this September I took my GED, and applied for an LVN program November 18th, and I was accepted on the 27th. The TEAS wasn't anything hard or something that requires much studying. I have an 8th grade education and passed with a score of 73%. Anyone with a high school diploma should breeze through it. Just don't stress out and make sure you get a good nights rest the day before the test. Good luck!
  11. by   Mia83
    I will be studying over Winter Break for sure. If I rent the book can I purchase the practice exams separate for the ATI book? I really want to do well my first try!
  12. by   Shelexis
    It wasn't as bad as I thought. In fact I studied A LOT of stuff that I didn't need to and missed a lot of fundamental stuff that I should have known.