1. hi everyone. i just joined this site and im loving it.. i am taking my teas test in a few weeks and im very nervous about the science section. can anyone inform me on what to study. Do i need to know body parts, cells, etc..? Also, are the questions in the book similar to to real teas test?
    please help me. thank you.
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  3. by   Quienes
    Good for you! I just took the TEAS and I was also nervous but I passed and you will as well. Here's what think, the TEAS study guide is very close to the real deal, so buy it and study! My test had some general physics, plate tectonics, clouds, chemistry, earth science and general scientific method stuff. I studied a ton of anatomy and only had one question. Anyway if you study the guide and review areas you feel shakey in and if you've taken your pre-reqs. recently you should be fine. Good Luck
  4. by   SmilesNoir
    go here.. There are book listed and a d/l .. good luck.. Read the science portion in McGraw
  5. by   hisgeogal
    I think the best way to study for the science section is to do lots of practice tests. There are a few websites that have free sample tests if you google. The book helped me immensely with math, english, etc., but did very little to help with the science, it's just all over the place. I did end up with a 90 on the TEAS overall but was in the 70's or 80's on the science.
  6. by   dorothyrose
    thanks for your help. pray to god i pass everything the first time.
  7. by   ricerocket
    Quote from dorothyrose
    thanks for your help. pray to god i pass everything the first time.
    the science portion of the teas is very broad. i only had like maybe 1 or 2 questions on anatomy. couple questions in chemistry. Questions on rocks??? they were basic questions... Some on biology .. here's what you need to review:

    -- be sure to look over the periodic table ( * be sure to look over lithium)
    -- know your rocks, boundaries, plate tonics, weathering ...
    --review punnett squares
    --know what a tertiary consumer is
    --(in science experients) know what the control group means, independant variables, and dependant variables
    -- know what ionic bonds and covalent bonds are...
    -- look over Eukaryotic & Prokaryotic and know what they have in common...
    -- know the formula for velocity
    -- review red blood cells, active transport,

    ... thats all i can think of right now. hope that helps.. good luck...
  8. by   dorothyrose
    thank you ricerocket619 i am taking my test wed. god bless you. im so happy. im going to study now.
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  9. by   ricerocket
    no problem. Good luck on your test and let us know how you did. i think there are only 30 questions for the science portion. if you have any other questions, just ask..
  10. by   dorothyrose
    thanks ricerocket619 i passed everthing but the reading. and i dont know how i failed. it was very basic. but im goin to try to take the reading again. hopefully i pass. if you have any advice, please do soo. BUT THANKS FOR EVERYTHING!
  11. by   ATLbubbles
    I just took the TEAS this past weekend and I obsessed over the science section too, because I heard how out of nowhere it was. All I can say is really really study and do practice tests on all the other sectioons, so you can totally kick butt on those sections. That way, if you get a lower score in science.. you'll still end up with a pretty good score. Like my composite was a 96, because I managed a near perfect score in all the other sections while getting a 86 on the science. There are only 30 questions, and MOST of them are pretty straightforward, common sense, fairly simple. There are a handful that you're like HUH? And you just make an educated guess and hope for the best. That McGraw book will help you with most of the fairly simple questions. GOOD LUCK!!!
  12. by   dorothyrose
    does anyone remember what definitions i need to know for the reading. i totally forgot what they were. thats the part i did real bad on..
  13. by   ATLbubbles
    I found this site helpful in vocabulary:

    Good luck!
  14. by   crybabe106
    can anyone help me with the reading portion of the teas test
    i am having a hard time on it