TEAS study guide??

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    Does anyone recommend a good TEAS study review book? Or maybe there are even TEAS classes?? Anyone have any suggestions??

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    Quote from shoecollector
    Does anyone recommend a good TEAS study review book? Or maybe there are even TEAS classes?? Anyone have any suggestions??

    Hi shoecollector, have you tried the TEAS study guide from the co. ATI. They make the exam. The maths is very similar to the test. The reading and english is close too ...I think, I can't say for sure, because I didn't finish my test, the time runs fasts. I struggled in this area because english is my 2nd language. But, I can tell you for sure, that the science is totally differently. The study guide is not helpful for this section of the test. I passed all my nursing pre-requistes with good grades, some A's and B's, but I'm sad to say, I did poorly on the teas test. Is easy and simple if you can work fast, not a hard test. I will retake the test on nov. 17th. There's another study guide recommended here on allnurses, called Nursing School Entrance exam by MGgraw Hill for the TEAS science section, you may want to check it out. Good Luck!
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    First, this site is awesome and thank you to all who posted your experiences and good tips. I've learned so much just 'listening' to you.

    All I can say is that if you purchase the ATI online practice tests, don't wait until the week of your TEAS to take them. My TEAS is scheduled for this week, and I'm trying to take the ATI online practice test right now. Presently, I can't get to it on the web site. I called the company this morning and they indicated that they did a web upgrade today that will require my loading additional software and so on. They also told me to change some of my internet options, etc.---but no luck. This afternoon I can't even log on--I get a server error message; so I called them. They indicated they're having some problems with their server now and to try back in 1.5 hours. Hmmmmm.

    On a related subject, if your school gives you a choice of taking the TEAS online or as a written test, you may want to consider taking it as a written test because 1) if the TEAS test site is down or goes down while you take the test, well--not good , 2) I've heard from other students that you have to scroll quite a bit while taking the online TEAS Reading section, which is at the very least a pain, and 3) you never know if on the day you take the test your school's computer network may be having an unforseen glitch, making you unable to get to the TEAS test web site at all. Unlikely? Probably. But I would have thought it ALSO unlikely that I'd be sitting here after 4 or 5 hours, still unable to get to my online practice test.

    Anyway, good luck to all taking the TEAS!
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    Does anyone know which version of the TEAS test Ivy Tech is using? I know there is 2 books out there 2.0 and 3.0/4.0 The site specifically states that you should confirm with your institution before getting materials. Any advice? I tried calling the nursing department and of course they aren't in. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    I just purchased the "McGraw-Hillís Nursing School Entrance Exams" Book, after reading reviews on Amazon for it and all the others. Users rated the book useful for the Math, Reading and English sections...but like all the other books lacking in the Sciences. From other websites/reaserch I know there are 5 Science Sections: Scientific Reasoing, General Science, Life Science, Physical Science and A & P. Does anyone know a good book or site to help with the Sciences? I may purchase the Kaplan book or the ATI Study Guides (I have read theri book does not go into alot of detail but I would possibly like to take thier practice tests.)
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    i took it today...74.3
    i need a 75% at my school . VERY depressing to here they dont round up untiil 74.5 -_-
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    Quote from vccorscc
    i took it today...74.3
    i need a 75% at my school . VERY depressing to here they dont round up untiil 74.5 -_-
    Im so sorry. i would be bumbed too. take it one more time. you will surely pass
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    What study guide did you buy?
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    The college I've applied to is offering test prep sessions now! General for study skills, a 2 hour overview session and focus sessions for the four sections. They where at bad times for me due to the fact they are mostly during the day due to the fact a Biology instructor has volunteered to teach them. But on the bright side: his overview session will be on an upcoming Friday night and ge will be giving all the handouts/tips from the focus sessions So I will be in attendance and am hoping for some great science info and handouts on all four sections! Yeah!
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    let me just say that the ATI study guide is wonderful for math and english and reading . But get the mcgraws study prenursing exam book for the SCIENCE. its wonderful. i also researched on this website about the TEAS and came across others talking about similar ? they had and things they were asked. then i would google about them . And studied and learned all bout them. THAT HELPED ALOT!. whatever you do dont rely on the ati for the science section. the rest was fine for it.
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