TEAS prep

  1. how did everyone prep for teas? I am a older student who started prerequisites long time ago and so nothing is fresh in mind anymore. I took teas 2 months ago and scored 61 :/ I need advice. Im set to retake it in 10 months and want to be fully prepared next time around. thanks in advance!
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  3. by   Simplistic
    Well first start by looking at the areas/subjects you did poorly in. Buy a TEAS study guide, do hundreds and hundreds of practice questions in the areas you are weak in, read the rationales and take it again!
  4. by   ocean43
    THANK YOU!! I have the ATI study manual that i briefly skimmed through before my test. I will study it better this time but is there other resources I should be aware of? The nursing program is buying me the smart prep as part of their remediation plan.
  5. by   BookishBelle
    I am also a returning student, and haven't taken biology or A&P yet, but got an 87 on the TEAS. I got a TEAS study guide out of the library and read through it and did all the tests inside. To get up to speed on my sciences I watched a ton of crash course youtube videos. My school also had some practice TEAS tests online so I did those. Seemed to work for me!
  6. by   crossfitandnursing
    I would HIGHLY recommend the ATI Teas Secrets study guide (version 6). It's very thorough and also includes access to video tutorials and full-length practice tests. I got it for about $32 on amazon.
  7. by   thewhitechickoj
    Definitely invest in the TEAS 6 study guide. I took a practice test on ATI's website before I started studying so I could get an idea of where my trouble areas are. Since then, I've been using that study guide and its practice tests, along with other resources like Khan Academy and Crash Course on YouTube to help me along. I'm also registered for a free "Math Boot Camp" session that's offered at my school to refresh the basics (fractions kicked my butt on the practice exam). My adviser said to be careful not to underestimate the reading and English portions of the test.