Taking Teas V on Monday, last minute advice?

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    Hi! I am taking the Teas V on Monday and didnt know if anyone took it very recently that can offer me some last minute items to focus on? I have the ATI manual and I have taken 3 investment licensing tests and have passed them with no problem in the past but feel there is so much material on this exam that I need to immediately know! I have focused on what I feel will be on the test but any other help would be much appreciated!

    Thank You!

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    Looking back on nursing school, one thing is for certain, you might not ever feel as though you are prepared enough for any test. Try to relax and know that you are not alone. The fear of 'not knowing' will make you forgetful for sure... You've got this! :0) The TEAS test is small reading passages (a paragraph) followed by 3 to 5 questions, basic grammar, math problems not above a 9th grade level, and earth science. The science was the weirdest portion in my opinion... I was expecting A&P related questions, not earth science. If you have the book and you've reviewed, you're gonna do great! Best wishes!!!
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    I need help in doing this math question. Sally paint a house in 4 hours and john paint the same house in 6 hours, how long will it take for both of them to paint the house together. The practice questions gives me the answer but I don't know to to arrive at the answer. Thank you.
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    How well did you do on the practice test in the ati manual ..my first try I got 17/48
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    I don't remember the score because I did it in early October but what i remembered was better than 17/48
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    Ya 17wrong isn't good :/
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    Just practice the same questions again. Learn the concept and you will be able to do other math questions.
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    I'm talking about the science portion
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    oh ok. sorry about that. Yes the science portion in the practice test is hard. I did remember getting a low score on that myself.
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    Use your time wisely.. the biggest reason I didn't do well on the TEAS is not managing my time and not getting to answer all the questions in a section. The first time I did it, it was the math portion, the second time (trying to get a higher score) I totally mismanaged the reading time and didn't answer TEN questions in that section.--- don't freak, but don't 'take your time' either.

    Having said all that, don't stress too much- even after TWO snafus with the TEAS V I got accepted into the school I wanted- TEAS isn't ALL they are looking at, if you don't shine with the test, shine in other areas.

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