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Hi! I am taking the Teas V on Monday and didnt know if anyone took it very recently that can offer me some last minute items to focus on? I have the ATI manual and I have taken 3 investment licensing... Read More

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    The TEAS test was a piece of cake (compared to nursing school exams and the nclex). It's just an assessment of what you should already know. It's pretty much jr high to high-school level reading, math, and science. Other than reviewing basic formulas (volume, temp conversion C to F, etc), I'm not sure you can really do a lot to prepare for it. Just try to relax. Take you time. Read the questions carefully, and double-check your math work. You'll be fine.
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    Quote from hismija
    Here's how to do this problem...
    If Sally can paint the house in 4 hours, then in 1 hour she can paint 1/4 of the house.
    If John can paint the house in 6 hours, then in 1 hour he can paint 1/6 of the house.
    Let x = number of hours it would take them together to paint the house, then working together, in 1 hour they can paint 1/x of the house.

    The equation is this:

    Multiply both sides by the LCD which is 12x:

    = 2.4 hours
    OMGOSH, How did I make 80% on the math???
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    Quote from Horsebytes
    OMGOSH, How did I make 80% on the math???
    I am hosed. I just found a Rn program and will have to take the TEAS V Test in Feb and I had no idea.....doom doom doom

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