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    Hello!! I'm studying for the TEAS test and wanted to see how the studying was coming for everyone else. I plan on taking the test the beginning of March. I've been studying since November. I'm hoping to score 90 or above the first time around (keeping my fingers crossed). So hopefully, I can get accepted into the LPN program this August. How is studying coming along for the rest of you?
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    It's goin'! Tonight I'll be studying "Davis's Basic Math Review for Nurses," amazing book! I've been studying a couple weeks now. How often do you study? What are you covering right now?
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    Where you get the test to study im trying to call them for information?
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    I'm studying as well. I have a headache but for good cause. My husband is deployed and I stay home with my 2 year old daughter. I try to squeeze in as much studying as I can. But when my very active, wild and crazy 9 year old son gets home its quite difficult.
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    Wow!! That's a lot of studying!! The Teas really isn't that hard. I have taken some practice tests and there is nothing harder than basic Algebra in the math section, science was a bit tougher with some chemistry, and the reading and vocabulary were a breeze. I will be taking mine at the end of the month. I am applying to the RN program for Fall 2014. I was told anywhere from 80-85 is really good.
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    I am studying for the teas v test too hopefully taking it late feb but I am applying to my lpn program in April. I have the McGraw hills 5 teas practice test and I am also going to buy the ati book and online practice tests a and b. I hope we both do well on our tests!! good luck on your nursing journey xoxo
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    I got the ATI manual and I have been studying. I signed up to take it Feb. 5th. I'm really nervous! Best of look to you guys as well!!
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    I heard that the McGraw Hills 5 teas practice test is a good one! I need to get a hold of it!
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    My TEAS exam in next Tuesday (the 21st)! I have been studying/reviewing off and on for a couple weeks but not very seriously since I'm also running around preparing my applications! I actually went to the library and borrowed bunch of high school SAT subject books but the only book I've only been using the McGraw Hill 5 TEAS Practice book, it's a great book!! Other than that, anything topics I don't remember/understand I find it on YouTube.
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    Don't overstudy!! What are you doing with all of this?
    I really liked the ATI TEAS V study manual. I got a 96% with it!

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