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Has anyone taken the latest version, the TEAS V? My test is coming up April 6. I have the ATI version V study guide, and the McGraw Hill book. What should I be sure to study when it comes to the... Read More

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    Quote from Meggy14
    Whoops. I got edited for writing stuff about what was on the science portion of the exam. I only gave clues, no exact questions. Oh well. Message me if u want my email address to ask me questions.

    Yeah, sorry bout that.. What's ur email so u can give me a little insight. I ordered that book and hopefully I do better than the 4. I did really good in the reading part, it was the science and math that got me. I done brushed up on ratios and proportions and percentages. I just gotta study the conversions and stuff
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    Whoops, they said we're not supposed to email or talk about the test. So sorry. Guess I can just tell you it's not that bad. I heard the ati testing book has a good review of the science and math. I'd just take one of their practice tests. You just need to practice the math. I had plenty of extra time so I went back & checked a few of my answers. Good luck! You can do it!
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    WOW... I wish I would have seen that post before it was edited. I am taking the TEAS V on Thursday and I am freaking out. I totally bombed the practice test. I got in the 50's. I am freaking out about the science portion. It has been 11 years since I was in high school. I never took chem in high school and I am currently taking chem right now so I only know the very basics (due to so many snow days we have missed numerous classes). UGH!!! I think that I am ok with the math and decent with the english part but the science... UGH!!!
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    Sending good vibes to you & if you've been studying I"m sure you will do just fine. I take mine March 11th. If we want this bad enough, we CAN DO IT, goo luck to you this thursday!
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    and I also bombed the practice test too (A). I wish they didn't charge so much for just 2 exams though. I could't even go back and review the questions I had gotten wrong after I ended the exam. I only got to see my score. I don't know why they do that, so unfair and not 35 bucks for that.
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    I took my TEAS test this morning. I studied for about 3 weeks before the test. I got the TEAS V Manual study guide and TEAS 4 study guide as well. I also purchased the TWO practice test A and B (I wanted to be prepared for ALL the type of questions) Totally waste of money. The only thing that I got from these practice test was get the "feel" of taking the TEAS. All the questions in the science part were random and quite annoying since I've spent so much time and money studying stuff that wasn't even there. Although I did pretty well on the science despite the fact that the questions I was anticipating didn't come up.

    The manual helped some, but that's about it.

    I passed though which I'm happy about. I got a Proficient ranking and that was enough for me to get into my nursing program
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    Hey Carmen,

    I think the key to success in this exam is just be confident and not freak out lol. If you studied that much, the logical result of that is that you will do well So don't worry. I mean what more can you do if you studied the material right?

    I actually meditated and told myself.. I studied this much and I know my stuff and they throw a curve ball, I will try to answer it the best of my knowledge.

    The science part is all over the place .. Math was a bit more consistent with the study manual. Reading and Eng/Lang. is about the same. The science was the only part that really annoyed me because I really did study my stuff and the questions were supposedly in the manual, but for the life of me, I didn't remember reading it, or it was too vague.

    My best advise is : to calm down, read the questions careful, own your test , and be confident. And no coffee

    I was actually super calm that I suprised myself. After the test, that's when I started shaking lol probably a delayed reaction

    Anyway, best of luck to you. You will be just fine especially if you've been studying for two months already!
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    Hi there everyone!

    I also took my TEAS v5 yesterday & I will admit that I was a nervous wreck....for no reason. I drove myself in complete "panic mode" for 3 weeks.

    The Reading, Math & English/Grammar portions were a breeze, but the Science.....a COMPLETELY different story!!! I used ATI's v5 study manual & the McGraw-Hill Nursing School Entrance Exam study manual.....and studied for 3 weeks. I also purchased both practice tests (which the 2nd was a waste of money). My observation as far as the Science portion is concerned: the ATI study guide doesn't truly prepare one for the test; McGraw-Hill book is a tad more detailed. For example: the ATI may mention "something", but the question about that "something" was impossible to answer because it was never mentioned. UGH!! My test's science section was TONS of chemistry: bonding, chemical reactions,etc. All in all, I know that I totally bombed the science section (as I did on BOTH practice tests), which will only pull my other section's scores down.

    I took the paper/pencil now the dreaded wait to find out my score!
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    @ Camren 27, if you brought your practice test from ATI you can actually take it twice. Just use that same code when you think you are ready. It will be the same exact test but it will give you extra practice.Hope this helps.

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