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Has anyone taken the latest version, the TEAS V? My test is coming up April 6. I have the ATI version V study guide, and the McGraw Hill book. What should I be sure to study when it comes to the... Read More

  1. by   my2girlskk
    No, you don't have to memorize the periodic table. Its provided on the test.
  2. by   Jeniffer Lebsock LVN
    Thank you for the quick response!
  3. by   Mariacookies
    Quote from Robin1983
    I am getting so nervous. I take my test next Tuesday (April 19th). I am not ready at all. This is my third time taking it but first time taking version 5. I only have to take the science section (my school allows you to only take the section that you didn't pass). I'm planning on doing the online test version A tomorrow and then the day before the test I'll do version B hoping that my score improves. I HAVE to pass. If I do my interview will be scheduled next week and I'll know by the following week and class will begin May 2nd. Yikes! Good luck to everyone else and I'll post after my test.
    Good Luck to you, and just stay focused, and try to take a deep breath. You can do it.
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    Quote from nepthea
    Has anyone taken the latest version, the TEAS V? My test is coming up April 6. I have the ATI version V study guide, and the McGraw Hill book.

    What should I be sure to study when it comes to the latest version of the test?
    Check out Pokemon's posts he has taken the test, and is giving some good info. From what I've heard the Science is difficult. I've taken the Ati
    pre-test and I found the Science to be hard, but thats me. I've been hearing that as long as you study the book "McGraw Hill" take the pre-test's with Ati or the test's in the "McGraw Hill" book your good.

    I wish you so much luck . You can do it.
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  5. by   cps.5784
    I just took the test on the 8th and for some reason I did better on the actual test than on both my practice tests... I got around 75% for the practice tests and I got 87.3% on the actual test. I don't know why there was such a big difference. Maybe I didn't take the practice tests as serious as the actual one... So don't be too bummed if your practice test scores are not what you expect. The science, like everyone said, was hard... a lot of chemistry... ionic/covalent/polar/nonpolar.... That kinda stuff. English was okay you don't really need to know all those specific things like direct object, indirect object... I didn't really see any of that stuff on the test. Main thing was science... it had a lot of details that I didn't expect to see on the test so study hard!
  6. by   kt2011
    I am taking teas v next month n have been studying since past month. So far I have reviewed the teas practice book. Does anybody know how deep I should review the science part or it's ok to have the level of knowledge that the bk has covered. Sometime I refer to my old science bks , but end up feeling I wasted too much time reading too much details. Will I be safe jus to keep myself limited to the level that they follow in the bk for science part
  7. by   dmineiro01
    hey i guys i found this site that has everything you need to know for the version v teas. http://lgdata.s3-website-us-east-1.a...Objectives.pdf
  8. by   amarie14
    I'm taking mine on the 30th.. I"m super nervous but I've been reviewing when I can. I have the Mcgraw hill book and the cliffnotes nursing entrance exam book. They are both great book but the mcgraw hill actually has alot more in it. Good luck everyone. Thanks for all the advice on what to study I'll be studying those especially hard in this last week that I have.

    Good luck to all :-)
  9. by   amarie14
    here is a link of a youtube video walking you through balancing equations in chemistry.. hope this helps.. its a great tutorial..good luck to all
  10. by   4lilloves
    Ok so I am taking the HESI a2 on this friday, is that at all the same as this TEAS test? My school requires math reading, vocab, chemistry and a&p. I am a nervous wreck and would be happy if anyone had any tips on the science portion of the HESI
    Thanks and good luck to you!!
  11. by   ner214
    Hi All,

    I took the test on April 8th and got my results on the following Saturday. I only had a week and a half to study for it, using the Kaplan Nursing School Entrance Exam 4th Edition. DO NOT GET THIS BOOK! I didn't feel that it adequately prepared me for the test and found a few mistakes in the book. I did pass the test but wanted to make sure nobody made the mistake of purchasing this book.

    Good luck to all those taking the test
  12. by   fluffydreams
    Hi everyone! I'm taking my test May 3rd, and I'm mostly using my studying time for science. I'm currently using the ATI book as my studying aid. Although science is a big obstacle to pass, I'm also concerned about the English portion. I've having problems with a few concepts : The subject verb agreement, and identifying simple sentences. Were there a lot questions regarding these subjects? Do you guys have any tips? Thanks!!
  13. by   Mariacookies
    Did you purchase any of the exams at ATI . I found it extremely helpful. I've not taken the test yet, but did take the ATI exam and it helped me to see my strength's and weakness as well as give me an idea about what I will see on the test. I found it to be a great study tool.

    Good Luck.:heartbeat