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Hello all, I am a new member here. I decided to post about the teas, I know there are plenty of topics for me to go through; or my topic has been covered before but I don't want to go through every single page. Anywho, I am going... Read More

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    Quote from PD888
    Hi there! I take the TEAS in 2 days through my school. I have studied with ATI study guide AND I have taken all the practice tests. I went from about 54 to 84 over time, but I felt the 84 was due to the fact that it was my second attempt at test #2, so I honestly did remember some of those answers. However, I do feel it helped improve my scores with their study guide. Good luck to you!
    Thank you for letting me know how it went, the agony of just waiting to take the test is driving me crazy.

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    Quote from PD888
    To anyone out there that has to take their TEAS on Monday or Tuesday, would you by any chance be in Georgia and taking the test with GPTC? Just curious as that is the case for me.....
    Nope, I am from California but good luck!
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    Hi, i will be testing tomorrow in the afternoon.
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    @ the newton campus
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    Hi there! Would love to stay in touch. I'm fairly new to and cannot seem to have "access" to be able to send messages to people yet or something! I'm not clear on how that works.

    So, I assume you are taking the test TODAY, 10/01, come back on and let me know how you did! I take it on Tuesday at 1:00.......Feel free to email me!
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    The ATI Study guide is very useful; as someone said here, study absolutely every bit of it.

    I would say, expect the actual exam to be harder than the Study Guide, especially in things like math problems stated in words. But I specifically wish to avoid running afoul of Admin's strictures about divulging actual questions or smth approaching that. So, as a suggestion only--when working thru such a problem, think about how you could make the problem more difficult, without changing any of the substance of the problem.

    And, by the way, IMO the Study Guide does have a few errors in it.

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    Me 1pm...see you there.....this will be my 3rd time taking it.....and dont worry...i have passed every time so just hoping to increase my score.
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    Mindy - how did you do? I was happy with my score, so I feel "pretty" good about it right now. Based on your picture here, I don't recall seeing you there! Were you? Where were you sitting? :-)
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    Well I was sitting next to the window...second row from the back on the right side....I have platinum blonde hair on top and dark brown underneath...I made a 66 and my gpa is a 3.3 so I have a 69.3 total....what was your score?
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    I made a 66...and my gpa is 3.3 so my total score is 69.3......I was sitting on the right side second row from the back next to the window.......I have platinum blonde hair on top and dark brown underneath.....what were your scores? I emailed you back on the little envelope icon next to "account" and you should see my messages.

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