Need Teas 5 testing advice!

  1. I haven't got a response from the school that I've applied to just yet. The other school that I want to apply for in the future has a multi-criteria point system. Part of that is the Teas 5 test score. I've calculated my GPA and if I get at least a Teas score of 80-89.99% and reading above 50th percentile, I will be able to apply for this school.

    Say I got a response from the school that I've applied to and got a rejection letter **knocks on wood** , I would like to do some hardcore studying from a Teas 5 study guide, book, etc., so that I can score super high.

    Is there any advice as far as studying habits? Was any of the books helpful? Any websites to study from?

    For those who already took the test, was it hard? easy? Anything like you've studied from the books?

    Thanks in advance! =)
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  3. by   tcl0045
    I used a review book by McGraw-Hill that prepares for multiple different nursing entrance exams (I got a 93.3) but ATI has a book that's just for the TEAS, which a few of my friends used (They got between 70 and 86). I also studied my notes from my science classes.

    The math portion tests basic skills like adding, multiplication and division, word problems and reading graphs and charts, I've had up to calc 2 so my background was really strong for that portion. If you're someone who struggles with math, just practice problems until you get stronger or feel more confident. For the reading comprehension and grammar, go over grammar rules, spelling, test your vocab skills, practice identifying main topics, styles of writing, subjects, clauses, correcting errors, punctuation and whatever else you might be weak in. Now the science is a little harder because its so broad and covers so many different areas so definitely use a review book for this, don't skip out and if you're low on money, try to find a used one.

    Start reviewing early, I waited until a few days before and stressed myself out more than I needed to (I was taking 3 summer classes at the same time so I overloaded myself). Take practice tests so you know how you'll do time-wise but don't rush yourself, I was the last person to leave my testing site because I utilized all my time. If you're stuck on a problem, move on then go back to it so you can get through the whole section. Read carefully and jot down notes if it helps you. Don't stress yourself out and just do your best .
  4. by   Derls
    Hey tcl0045! Thanks for the advice! I will definitely grab the McGraw-Hill book! I personally don't have trouble with math, I just need to brush up on it as I may have forgotten some geometry formulas. I had recently took an Intermediate Algebra college course and got a B (was absent a few times). As far as reading comprehension, I would just need to brush up on identifying part of speech and maybe some vocab.

    I might as well start studying while i'm waiting =) Thanks again!
  5. by   smatrang001
    Yes, definitely the McGraw hill teas 5 book of test examples. I used that along with the ATI book and scored a 83. Good luck!
  6. by   Derls
    Thanks Smatrang001! Ok so McGraw hill and ATI, GOT IT! thanks!!! hoping to score sky high! =)
  7. by   FutureFLRN2014
    As the others have said, I used the ATI Guide and McGraw-Hill practice tests and scored in the high 80-90's in the 4 areas. You can rent them and it def saves some money.

    Good Luck!