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Need a 60% on TEAS - page 2

I recently got accepted to a BSN program as long as I achieve a 60% or greater on the TEAS V exam. I'm nervous! I plan to buy the ATI study book and practice tests. I will be taking it one month from... Read More

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    I know they say the minimum is 60 but is that average that is accepted? I know the school I plan on attending is 70 but they said average is 90 and above. I would try very hard to get up towards the 90s.
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    I'm already accepted to the BSN program. Need a 60 minimum to keep my spot.
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    Thats pretty good that you can get accepted without your scores already submitted. Great job! I wonder how many schools do that?
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    I passed!!
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    Late response

    Congrats on passing. My program makes us take the TEAS V after acceptance. The thing with my program is we did not have to pass the TEAS V to keep our spot.

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