Need a 60% on TEAS

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    I recently got accepted to a BSN program as long as I achieve a 60% or greater on the TEAS V exam. I'm nervous! I plan to buy the ATI study book and practice tests. I will be taking it one month from today! Any thoughts or advice? Thanks!!

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    I'm using the same material, from what I've read on this site ATI is the best source. Good luck and post when you pass !!!
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    I went in blind the first time and made a 62, just study but don't cram. A lot of it (with science being the exception) is common sense! I would use the ATI book though if you really want a study aid
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    I agree with them. The ATI manual is an excellent book and I flew through the reading and math sections, because they were common sense. However, I am putting much emphasis on the science section since it is my weakest subject. My school only requires a 52, but I want to score extremely high to be really competitive.
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    Thanks everyone!
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    If you don't mind, what state are you in? have the same requirements as my school, and my teas is also in a month and like you I am sooo nervous.
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    Tennessee.. I think we'll be fine as long as we study a little everyday.
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    Ooh 60% not bad. Sure you can do it easily. I hit a 74% and didn't study as I should've. I "studied" the Teas V book manual. It's a good book and it's pretty good and it explains all subjects covered on TEAS test.

    Good luck

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    What school is this? Hope you don't mind me asking.

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