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Math, reading, & English part of the teas V

  1. 0 Hello! I'm going to be taking the teas soon I'm not for sure when yet but the school I'm applying for only requires those 3 subjects. I need a minimum of 59% in reading, 55% in math, and 50% in reading.

    I was wondering how hard the test is? Or how hard it would be to get those scores?

    What study guide should I get?

    How long should I study (days,weeks, months) before I go an take the test.
    Thank you!
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    I got the study guide off ATI, not the one with the practice tests because you can find practice tests online and not pay extra for them. I didn't really study from it, I just looked through it. That's not to say you shoudn't study. For me, what I had learned in my pre req courses was enough to pass the TEAS. I didn't do great in the Math as I am a terrible Math student, but fortunately my English scores are almost perfect so that saved my butt. I took it almost three years ago and my school accepts TEAS scores up to three years. The TEAS doesn't include nursing stuff, it's a test of essential academic skills so it's just what you have learned so far in BIO, ENG and MTH.
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    for some reason it won't let me edit it but that was a 50% in english not reading
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    I used the McGraw book. I liked it a lot, but I focused on the science section the most and studied my A&P notes.
    McGraw-Hills 5 TEAS Practice Tests: Kathy Zahler: 9780071767774: Books
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    I used the ATI book and it was fantastic, I read it over and over, I bought my book in June of 2012 but didnt take my test until February 2013, every couple months I would go over the book and when it came close to the test I studied it for about 3 weeks hard, along with other sources I had for studying. English is my weakest subject so I found that portion hard, but as for the math and reading its pretty straight forward especially the reading section. I also found the practice test to be harder than the real thing. Good luck!