1. i just took my TEAs exam for the second time this morning. i ran out of time on the reading part last time (missing almost 15 questions) and failed b/c of my slow reading...this time, i paced myself and thought i was on a roll until the proctor yelled "Time's up!" i realized i had at least 8 questions unanswered (Reading again!) so i filled in anything!!......i'm hoping and praying that i did enough to get a passing score. i don't know what I'm gonna do if i don't get into a program in the fall.

    and the anxiety begins...
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  3. by   Kamilah_Coney_SN

    Do you know how many questions the Reading Section has and how long you have to answer the questions? The last time it took the TEAS (February 2010) I believe it was 40 items/50 minutes. Knowing that information will give you a heads up. What I did to prepare was to take the practice exams that came with the TEAS Study Guide, pacing myself as if I was taking the actual exam. Example: Reading 40 items/50 minutes. The study guide had more than 40 questions but I still only gave myself 50 minutes to answer all the questions. Try this method at home, in a quiet park, library, or wherever you feel most comfortable to concentrate. Hopefully this helps .

    D.Coney, LPN
  4. by   SullysB
    How hard is the entire exam? I have been out of high school for quite sometime and I will br attending college this fall for nursing. I have to take the ACT and the TEAS V. Im scared to death because its been 20 yrs since I was last in a class room.... Lol
  5. by   newbtonursing
    SullysB: It was 20+ years for me as well. I suggest getting the book, and going over each section carefully. I also used math.com to brush up on my skills, such as with decimals and percentages. It was a VERY helpful website.

    Hellooo-Nurse; I agree with Dconey8, I would work on pacing yourself by using the timed practice tests in the study guide. That way, you will have a better idea of how long you can spend on one question before you have to make a guess and move along to the next one. If you must move along to the next question, better to make a guess in a pinch, than no choice at all.

    Good Luck!!!
  6. by   Hellooo_Nurse
    i did! thats the crazy part. i do well when i time myself on the practice exams....i bought the ATI book (which i HIGHLY RECOMMEND) and took both exams in the back. the book is extremely helpful and a lot of the questions (in all sections) i saw on the actual exam. i think if anything they reworded some questions or moved the answers around. and i also bought the practice online exams which also had questions that were repeated/reworded on the exam. the thing is that all of the practices have 42 questions, but on the actual test you have 48 questions in 58 minutes.......the killer is reading the very long passages in the beginning---the first time around i found myself bored and distracted and having to re-read them, wasting precious time.. so this time around i worked backwards, did all the short reading questions and ultimately i ran out of time when i went back to answer the long ones i skipped. (altogether about 8-10 of them) it seems like the extra questions they add on the actual test are questions that stem from these longer passages. so if you are like me, and read at a slower pace---save those for last! move on to something you can quickly find the answer to because the rest of them are pretty obvious.
  7. by   Hellooo_Nurse
    the exam is not hard in its entirety. do yourself a favor and buy the ATI book from their website, along with the online practice tests. they will pay for themselves! when you take the practices test online and get your scores, they tell you which sections you didn't do well on and where you can locate that exact information in the book.
  8. by   SullysB
    @Hellooo_Nurse... Thank you for all the info. I will be buying the book and practice test ASAP!
  9. by   blincoln
    Hi! I just took the TEAS test on Saturday and got the results today. I can't believe I only got a 72.9%! I really have to studymore to take it again. I also ran out of time in the reading part with 5 questions left. My lowest % was in reading with 61.9% and the highest in math with 83.3%. Well, I should say that English is my second language Good luck!