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How I Studied for the TEAS 5... HTH - page 21

Hi Everyone. I posted this in another thread. I thought it might be helpful to post this for all to see since I see so many questions on the TEAS V every day. This is a breakdown I did of all the... Read More

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    Thanks you are really helpful
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    I was wondering what classes you suggest taking prior to taking the TEAS V? I plan on taking my first attempt in August and my second in September (my score is due by October 1). College wise I have taken English, Composition, Lifespan, Psychology, US History, and English Lit. I intend on taking A&P 1&2 this summer, and if I can I plan on squeezing Biology in there, and Chemistry in the Fall (which won't be taken in time for the test). I was wondering if you still see me doing good considering my situation. I am a bookworm and plan on studying for the TEAS V beginning next week. So I'll will have a good 5 months before my first try at the test. I read over what you said is on the test, seems like general high school knowledge to me. Would like your opinion please!
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    Quote from rafaeia
    Thanks for the awesome post! I used this, along with XYnurse9999's post. My goal was to get a score that was over 90%.

    3 months before the test, I was nervous. I knew I needed to begin studying NOW if I wanted to do well. (for me, I need that long term studying haha)

    First of all, I prayed to God because I didn't know how to start. For some reason after that prayer, I started waking up at around 5-6AM every day. Since my class started at 9AM, I decided to use this morning time to study. I also was sleeping earlier after that, so I didn't feel tired.

    I started with the science portion, the most intensive one. I studied 2 pages every day. Just two pages. It's not hard when it's bite sized.
    I made flashcards; I made questions out of every useful sentence in the science section. Then I did that with the other sections, studying 4-5 pages each day... cause they were easier than the science section.

    I studied for around 1-3 hours each day for those months. Sure, there were some days that I didn't... but I tried my best to be consistent and show up to study. I bought the practice test A & B, and got 72% and 78% on both.

    Also, I bought the ATI study guide and the McGraw practice tests. (I kept scoring around a 78-82% in the practice tests in both books Dx)

    The test was last Saturday. It was alright... Then i got my score today. I got a 92%~ hurrah. All those studying paid off.


    Reading, math and grammar - pretty straight forward,just go over the ATI sections and the McGraw tests, learn from the mistakes you make, so that you know what to go over. The math section was a bit tricky, had a couple of word problems... get some outside practice. It's pretty straightforward. I felt like the McGraw really helped me best in the grammar and structure section, and science of course.

    Good luck everyone!! You don't get great things accomplished in a big swift step, it is the build up of small steps that really counts. Just take the first step, and keep walking. Persistence is your friend.

    What edition was the McGraw Hill??
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    Just looking at the first page under what to know in Chemisty... I'm just finishing my chem class and a good chunk of what you mentioned was not covered in class. Crud, this'll be fun one day.
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    Thank you! Merry Christmas!
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    I scored a 91.7--reading was a 98.7 and English at 100%. My math and science was in the upper 80's. I studied the ATI book, watched YouTube videos, and took to heart the tips I found at this site. I made sure I knew everything in the ATI book, so often times I complimented my study with Google. I took many timed tests online, my two ATI practice tests, and timed McGraw tests to get over the "timed test" anxiety, which helped substantially. I studied for 20 days for at least 6 hours a day; I made studying for the test my job. I told myself to commit as this would be my opportunity and I took it seriously. It was worth it.
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