Hardest Subject Ever: Math

  1. I took the ATIs earlier this year and scored a 60% (totally bombed math because I ran out of time, completed only 3 pages and left about 5 pages blank). Grammar and Science were my highest 75-80 almost 90% and my reading comprehension was average 75%-ish.

    I have one chance to take it for the program I'm applying at and REALLY need some tips on how I can do better the second/last time around.

    I bought the ATI-TEAS Version 5 but since I'm still in summer school, haven't gotten a chance to study it. Planning on taking it this month too so it will only give me about 2 weeks to review the whole book once summer school ends and fall semester begins.

    Like I said, I AM WEAK AT MATH. The word problems, conversions from fractions to decimals to percentages, etc- I haven't done that since high school and I only graduated in 2008!

    And about the reading comprehension part- I did good with more than half of them, but just the long stories and questions that had "what is the best title for this story?", "which is opinionated/which is not?", "is the author's idea bias?", "what is the main idea of this story?", I just feel that those questions are so subjective that I struggle with them so much.

    If y'all can give me some logical test taking tips as well as academic advices on how to study for the math and reading comprehension portion then I'll love you forever lol.

    I need a mid 80's to low 90's to be considered competitive AND I also suffer from anxiety lol.

    Thanks a lot guys, xoxo.
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  3. by   tammy_zeidan09
    You may not like what I am going to say, but really it is what's best...make all the time to read your ATI book throughly. I don't mean skim through what you may think you're weak at. Read from page 1 to the last page. It may seem a lot but trust me, you'll go thorugh it before you know it. Practice every question they ask: the ones included in examples, after each section, and in the back of the book.

    The math portion REALLY helps you break things down. If you want more assitance look into the McGraw Hill nursing entrance exam review book. It goes more in depth for each section in math. I bought them two and it helped me tons!

    Don't let the math intimidate you. Really. Since you cannot use a calculator it is pretty basic, if you think about it. Time consuming, but basic. Realllly practice your math and know your roman numerals. Even go to a tutor, that's helped me!

    Good luck!!
  4. by   CallieNM
    I visited the library and got a whole book on college algebra and practiced- practiced-practiced. When you come across a type of problem you have trouble with, look it up online... you will find something that shows you how to do it correctly.
    Do not use a calculator, learn to do it all by hand. Long division, percentages, fractions, and multiplication.

    Find a way to raise your science score. My science score accounted for 35% of my overall score. I ended with an 83.3% in science 83.3% in math. Grammar was my worse I scored in the 70's.

    My overall TEAS V score was a 80.7%. (The first time I took it I scored a 64.5%.) When you get the results look at the last pages on the results it will go over everything you missed and what you should focus on. At some point in your studies you should go through each one and make sure you understand it. I had a lot of repeat questions the second time I took the test.

    But since you missed so much math and that killed your score- focus much of your time there! But don't abandon the other things, because you need to be sharp on that stuff too!

    Good luck!
  5. by   jlogan21
    I agree with what has already been said so far. When I was preparing for mine, I got the TEAS study book and took one of the practice tests in that before I even reviewed anything. That gave me a good idea where my weakest points were. Then I focused my review on those areas. My weak area was math as well, and I found that if I wrote out the conversions, like how to convert decimal to fraction, etc. that it helped me remember them. And like it was said, don't use a calculator! Practice without it so you are used to it.
    As far as reading comprehension, when I get to one of those stories, I skim over the questions first before I start to read. It gives me an idea of what I am looking for and it saved me time because when I found that part in the text, I could go ahead and answer that questions. I took the second practice test the day before my TEAS, got a good nights sleep, then reviewed my biggest trouble spots over coffee the morning of my test. It helped me to keep those things fresh in my mind.
    I took the TEAS V twice and got an 87 and then a 90.
    Good luck to you! Stay calm and you will do great!
  6. by   bellafsu89
    I took the TEAS recently and didn't do well on the math portion. Since I didn't do well on the math bc I ran out of time, I freaked out and it lowered my other sections (aside from reading comp bc that one comes first.)

    Well, my school allows you go to back and take just the single section you need again. I re-took the math and raised my score to a 100%! (I'm pretty good in math when I put my mind to it but I have 2 kids (4mo and 18mo) and they don't give me much time to focus on studying. I made the time and increased me score significantly as you can see.)

    What I did was dissect each math problem....example by example. I wrote out a study booklet for myself that gave an example of each problem that was in the ATI study guide. Anything I didn't understand I looked up online. I used youtube a ton bc I'm more of a visual learner.

    I also had to be a little smarter when I was taking my test. I ran out of time just like you did. This happened because I made silly mistakes in the beginning of the test and wouldn't just move on. I kept working on one or two problems that I just couldn't figure out.

    My advice to you is that if you get stuck on a problem, pick a logical answer, write the number down on your scratch paper and move on. I'd rather miss that one problem, be able to get the easy ones done and then come back if necessary.

    As far as the reading comp goes, read over the study guide and I think it will prepare you enough for that section. My go to strategy for reading comp is always to read the questions first, then read the passage and as you are reading be thinking of the questions, seeking out their answers. Also don't read read. Skim. It will save you time!

    I hope that helps a little! Good luck!!
  7. by   jrinoldi
    Since you wont have much time to study the whole book i suggest you go over the math the most, seems like your other scores were pretty high. Take the ATI practice tests online and it will tell you your weak points and even which page to find it in the book and go over that.. I didnt do so well on my first TEAS exam mainly because of math too but i passed mine with an 89.7 (90% in math) this time and its because i studied my weak points(mainly math) i took 3 ATI practice tests and that really helped me focus on what i really needed to study. Make as much time as you can to study too, i took my book with me everywhere, even took my two little ones to the park while i sat on a bench and studied. YOU CAN DO THIS! GOOD LUCK:spin:
  8. by   avianale
    I listened to your advice and bought the McGraw Hill nursing! Thank you for that
  9. by   avianale
    I haven't really thoroughly looked at each specific section to see which ones I had trouble with because I felt so defeated with my score ;( but I did not too long ago and noticed that there was a pattern in the math section and pretty much whatever I mentioned up there^ was def. the things my scores told me I really need to focus on.

    So thank you for this reminder
  10. by   avianale
    ahhh i hope I get a 90 too!! I am so eager to be considered competitive in the TEAS portion for my school's program. I already have a 3.9 GPA for my health sciences (just three more pre-nursing courses to maintain them) and I'm good for this half of my application.

    I just need to kick a*** for the TEAS and I feel like I'll def. earn myself a seat for the fall 2013 program!

    Thank you for the reassurance<33
  11. by   avianale
    wow! i give you props for having so much determination! if you did it, i feel so much more confident that i can too! thank you for inspiring me

    but yes, your reading comp. advice is something i DID NOT do when i was taking my test. i had the opposite idea and it was to read the context thoroughly but that obviously was a fail ;P

    so thank you again!
  12. by   avianale
    it feels real good to know that i'm not the only pre-nursing student who struggles in math. but i see that everyone else has their weak points too so it really up-brings my spirit a lot more than before.

    i will take your advice as well as everyone else's and literally sleep with my book lmao. i'll study it so much that i'd know it like the back of my hand.

    thank you again and i hope i get a high score like you!!!
  13. by   avianale
    thank you everyone for taking the time out to help me!
    i appreciate it so much and am so humbled by your help/advice.

    God bless<3