Barely passed Teas for Texas Woman's Univ -- is there still hope? - page 2

Hi All, I took the Teas V and passed. I ran out of time on two sections which drastically brought down my score to a 66.7%. I lost track of time on the very first section (Reading) and never... Read More

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    Hi. I think you'll be fine. I was accepted by TWU and will start classes in the Fall 2012. The minimum TEAS score accepted by TWU is 64; my score was 68. Your GPA is actually quite a bit higher than mine; mine was 3.639. If I remember right, the GPA was higher up on the list that TWU looks at when considering you; GPA came first. Say a prayer that you don't bite all your fingernails off while waiting for acceptance. Good luck! I hope to see you at TWU soon!

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    OMG, I really hope that I do get accepted. Congratulations on your acceptance Yes it is torture to have to wait but it is out of my hands now. I have been focusing on the classes that I am currently taking, kinda keeps my mind off of it. Yes let's hope that we will see each other at TWU. Please post again so I can keep up with you. Good Luck !!
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    @CAROLESCHOICE Hi I just took my TEAS and I scored a 68 I'm very worried bc I thought I did better than that and I am planning to apply to TWU Houston Nursing School and I have 2/4 preferences and with a 3.483 gpa and I was wondering if I have a chance to get in? I was wondering how many preferences did you have
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    Hi Anthonyx! Your TEAS score is the same than mine. Your GPA is also good. What does "2/4 preferences" mean? FYI - TWU was the only nursing school I applied to.
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    By 2/4 preference I meant to say I got an "A" in statistic and an "A"in A and P 1. TWU will also be the only school i apply to as well and did you get into the Dallas Center? I am attending TWU in Denton right now and I hope I have a chance of getting in. Do you know any other students who got in with a 68?
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    Were you a transfer to TWU?
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    Honestly, Anthonyx, I haven't ask anyone about their scores. The only scores I've seen are those posted on this website and ALL TeasV scores have been wa'ay better than mine. Somehow, though, I was accepted. I basically posted my real scores to encourage others to 'hang in there.' You don't have to have all high scores to get accepted. I'm obviously living proof of that.

    After applying, I emailed the application department and (I guess) was assigned an academic advisor. She was EXCELLENT in letting me know stuff like how many applicants I was competing against, how my chances were based on the current applicant pool and what she'd seen, etc., etc., etc. Maybe you can do this. I would think you'd be able to get even better information because you're actually attenting TWU already.

    Good luck, Anthonyx!
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    Yes, I was a transfer to TWU from the local community college.
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    Good morning, AnthonyX. How are you doing today? Have you thought about contacting the application department. The lady I talked to was over-the-top helpful and supportive! Hang in there. As to your TEAS, I wouldn't really give it another thought. The bottom line is that you qualified, period. That's the way I look at it. I'm not proud. I would have been happy to qualify by a fraction of a point, just as long as I qualified. Your GPA is also very good! If you pray, why not pray for Divine Intervention? Leave no stone unturned!

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