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What is your "wash out" rate? - page 2

Howdy all, Looking at some posts both in this forum and in the PRE-CRNA forum, I'm interested to know what the "wash out" rate is at your, or other, schools? What rate do you think is fair? Part of... Read More

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    Actually, that last one is the easiest! AA school!
    Though not popular here!
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    Quote from akijitsu
    Actually, that last one is the easiest! AA school!
    Though not popular here!
    This is, after all, a nursing BB on ALLNURSES.COM...........
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    does anyone know if i can goto crna school 100% online and do clinicals anywhere i want? just kidding heheheh.....
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    You mentioned GRE...what do you (or anyone attending) think most school's acceptable level is for GRE scores is? I took the GRE when considering another profession and passed for "my" school's graduate program; however...am assuming a CRNA program's standards would be higher?????
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    In my CRNA program we have lost 3 out of 29 so far in the first 6 months. The latest was this week during finals, and two more came real close.
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    In my opinion if you are really considering attending a CRNA program washout rate should really not be too great of a concern. People are dismissed from programs for various reasons, grades, attitude and some may bow out for personal reasons.

    Looking simply at percents does not say to much if you are not taking into consideration of class size. The real concern should be passage rate on the boards the first time. That would be one of my main concerns.
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    My CRNA program lost 3 students out of about 28. One for grades although he re-entered the following year and is doing quite well. two for personal reasons one due to a girlfriend issue and again re-entered the following year and is also going to be a fine anesthetist. The third was due to some spousal/emotional issues and although re-entering the following year was dropped from the program for good.