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New here guys. What is CCRN? How do I go about it?... Read More

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    I remember when CCRN stood for critical care registered nurse. But leave it too nurses that make credential letterings completely unrelated to what it actually stands for. So, CCRN actually stands for CCCN, wow. Yet more confusing alphabet soup. I understand there legal reasoning for changing it though.

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    Quote from ccrn-cmc-csc
    yes something strange happened a few years back and they suddenly decided it didnt stand for critical care registered nurse - however that is exactly what it stood for when i originally took the exam many moons ago:d i still have my original certification display that states critical care registered nurse.
    i'm sure it did stand for critical care registered nurse, but now they don't say it because they can't guarantee that anyone holding a ccrn is actually a registered nurse.

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