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Hello there, Any ideas on where to start to look for a CRNA school? Any feedback will be really appreciated.... Read More

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    Do SRNA get to pick where they want to do their clinical? What will happen if the school has some good clinical sites and some bad ones? Does that make the school a bad school? I feel like it is just a hit and miss like nursing school, where someone get awesome experience and others get poor experience.


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    You also hit the nail on the head in regards to clinicals, you do not know where you are going to be assigned...this is one reason I at least investigate the clinical sites. Many schools list what type of rotations that you have there. Here and the other website I try to find a recent grad of schools I am really liking to contact to get more info. But there is alot of written info out there on many schools already, just use the search function. I believe that if you contact schools they will give you alumni info, but I haven't yet tried this out.

    Unfortunately all schools are not equal esp when it comes to clinicals.

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    Some programs will tell you the clinical site before you accept the spot. I would stick with those-and they are often smaller programs but not always. Try to talk to alumni, talk to faculty, ask questions at interview. If the answers are vague....

    Question programs who are increasing class size-have they added clinical sites? Are they sharing all their clinical sites with other programs or residents? if so it can be difficult to get all your speciality cases like OB and peds.
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    Yes can you email me the spreadsheet too or do you know where to find an updated one. Im looking for a list of CRNA programs that have a regional program. Trying to decide between active duty Navy program and a civillian program that offers yellow ribbon. I can also use the GI Bill. I have 8 years in the military already so trying to decide which route I want to take. Your spreadsheet would be a great help!
    Please send to jsmithncusn@gmail.com

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