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Hi everyone! I am finally officially applying to VCU and MSA for 2013. Was also going to apply to UT chat and SEHC but decided 2 was all I could reasonably afford to fly out to interview at. This has been such a LONG road... Read More

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    Congrats and good luck kel! When r u going ? Are u also local ?

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    Kdlrn -

    What do you think about the traffic on the area ? We are thinking out relocating to the west end area- glen Allen or so. Seems like a nice place for a family as an outsider looking in. Will the morning commute be horrid from ther ? How about up in mechsnicsville ? Any thoughts of areas great for kids/families ? We homeschool so schools don't limit where we live. Would love to live somewhere more rural however don't want the commute to be awful !

    How is the public transportation ? I hear the parking at vcu is pretty bad and there is a long walk from the parking lots.

    Any advice to an outsider would be really helpful !!

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    Do you all know how many applicants they usually interview per seat in the class?

    Anyone care to share their stats?
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    Just found a thread from last year where it says they interview 140 people for 40 spots ....
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    Missnurse- Sorry have been working and haven't got on here in awhile. I actually live in Northern VA, about 1 1/2 hours away. BUT I don't think the traffic is too bad there, at least nothing compared to DC. I've heard the West End is nice. I also know that VCU has buses/shuttles that seem to help with parking, etc.
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    Oh, and there is a short test-nothing too hard! Good luck with your interviews!
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    No problem Kdlrn ! My boyfriends family is up in Winchester. We lived in Maryland a while back and I worked in Bethesda. Are u going to move more locally if u get in ?

    Thanks for the heads up about the test ! More things to worry about lol. Just spent 2 days shopping for an interview outfit. I hate shopping !

    Hope kellly chimes in how the interview went this week.
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    Hello everyone I'm new to the forum world but I too got an interview with vcu on oct 25th. Did anyone else apply to the Abingdon campus? Wondering if there is any tips or pointers for the interview and what types of questions to expect on the test?
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    well Hi lcsrn!

    two so far on this board have interviewed so far, I am going on the 18th. I thought someone did apply to the Abingdon campus, I almost did! Hopefully they will chime in for you. I hear the interview isn't super grueling, nevertheless I am reviewing lots of things to hope I sound smooth in my delivery. There are a ton of interview type questions if you search on google for crna school. I think if you search here there is a thread for that as well. No idea about the test, I just hear it isn't bad.

    good luck!

    I am getting so nervous as my interview approaches!
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    I would have applied for Richmond but it is 6 hours away and Abingdon is only about 1 1/2 from where I live now. Yeah I've been looking over interview questions for a while and about to loose my mind haha. The nervousness is starting to set in for me as well, and Im sure it will get worse as the date approaches. I haven't received anything in the mail yet regarding directions or the building location but maybe next week. Best of luck during your interview and keep us posted.

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