USF or FIU CRNA graduates

  1. I was recently accepted to 2 CRNA programs and wanted to ask how well did your school prepare you to provide anesthesia care upon graudation?
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  3. by   toebower
    I was accepted to FIU of you decide to attend FIU keep in touch be nice to get to know a few classmates....
  4. by   NRKB
    Congratulation on your acceptance to a CRNA school! How exciting for you this must be. I am also interested in becoming a CRNA. I am still in my undergraduate course work towards RN, but I am starting early to plan out the steps I need to take in order to be a good candidate for a CRNA school. I would love some advice since you two have been accepted to a school! Thank you and again congratulations!
  5. by   toebower
    I started directly in an ICU after I graduated from nursing school. I job shadowed about a year and a half into being a nurse and again after beinga nurse for 3 and a half years. I took my GRE in october of 2012 I studied for a couple months prior to taking it and after being a nurse for 4 years in the ICU. I took every sick patient I could. I had more open hearts than anything. I had CRNA, CV surgeon and my current supervisor for letters of Recommendation. I spent about 3 months on my admission essay, CV, and Resume having a lot of people look at them and tweaking them. I applied to 4 schools. Fortunately I was able to get an interview atthe school I wanted to go to.
  6. by   NRKB
    Thank you for your reply. The experience you gained the last few years and the letters of recommendation certainly must have made you admirable to CRNA schools. If you don't mind, was your heart set on becoming a CRNA prior to becoming a nurse in the ICU? I plan on working very hard in nursing school, pass the NCLEX, and then hopefully find a job in an ICU. I have heard that they are reluctant to hire new grads but, I am hoping this won't be the case when I apply. If so, I can only hope for a bit of luck! Good luck to you in school!
  7. by   toebower
    Yeah I was a student nurse extern in the OR. so I was around the anesthesia profession for a year or so and the doctors encouraged me to do it. I think there is a personality to those who perform anesthesia. That helped me make my decision to go to the ICU. I guess I was lucky due to being hired in the ICU straight out of school, but if thats what you want then have to be ready to work hard and ask a ton of questions!
  8. by   NurseAMK
    To those accepted, were you ACLS certified before you got in?
  9. by   NurseAMK
    How long did you guys work in critical care before being accepted?
  10. by   toebower
    Yes I had ACLS BLS and PALS.... I worked in ICU for 4 years before being accepted...
  11. by   MatyIce
    Swimincatz, how did your decision end up regarding choosing Fiu or USF? I'm applying to Barry and FIU and I need some advice about the programs.