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Interviews wrapped up yesterday. How'd everyone feel that they went? Seemed pretty laid back to me. Though, I felt like they may have mostly made up their minds prior to the interview :-\ Anyone's... Read More

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    Hey, I was just wondering what the CRNA program's class schedule was like for the first year. Is a commute from DC tolerable? Living close to union station so would take the marc :/
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    Hi! I am looking forward to apply at University of Maryland for their Nurse Anesthesia Program. Any advice on how I can strengthen my application? Thanks!
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    Hi everyone. Great thread. My goal would be to go to UMD. I'm currently working in a ICU in the area. My question for you guys who have applied and got in was when did you start applying? After how many years of experience? I was thinking about taking some grad courses to help my application. Has anyone done that?

    Thanks for your help!