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Interviews wrapped up yesterday. How'd everyone feel that they went? Seemed pretty laid back to me. Though, I felt like they may have mostly made up their minds prior to the interview :-\ Anyone's application status updated... Read More

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    and thanks for the advice
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    What does it mean if my status still has not updated?
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    im not sure, maybe u should call sheena jackson, 410-706-1995; shes pretty nice about answering questions. good luck and hope to see you in the fall!! did u apply to gtown as well?
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    No, not Gtown. I am pretty mobile. Considering Barry University for spring. Let's see how that one turns out. Yes, Sheena has been a jewel. I'll get in touch with her.
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    Thanks Vladele. Hope to see you too and good luck!
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    I know this is an old thread, but I would love an update on those of you who were accepted into the program!
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    Hey I applied to UMaryland's program for next year as well! Keep me posted if you hear anything! I haven't heard anything about an interview yet... hope that's not bad news...
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    I also applied for Fall 2013. I wish we could hear something soon, as I haven't had any updates yet. I'm checking the status of the online application every day like a madman. Got my fingers crossed
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    Hi guys,

    Swimincatz I'm sorry I haven't replied to your private isn't letting me for some reason, I think because I haven't had enough posts...

    I haven't heard anything about an interview for UMB either. I just found out today, though, that I got accepted to Northeastern University's program for fall 2013 and since it is my top choice I will probably end up going there. If you are looking for some interviewing advice, you can look at the Drexel University thread in the pre-CRNA inquiry forum...I just posted a bunch of the questions the admissions committee from NU asked me on there!

    Good luck hearing about interviews...I'm sure you will get them!! Keep me updated! :-)
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    Yesterday just got an email to schedule an interview. Really excited and hopeful I'll get in. Any one heard anything else? I was told they would send interview request til December. Guess they moved things up