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Interviews wrapped up yesterday. How'd everyone feel that they went? Seemed pretty laid back to me. Though, I felt like they may have mostly made up their minds prior to the interview :-\ Anyone's... Read More

  1. by   swimincatz
    Hey I applied to UMaryland's program for next year as well! Keep me posted if you hear anything! I haven't heard anything about an interview yet... hope that's not bad news...
  2. by   Terpole
    I also applied for Fall 2013. I wish we could hear something soon, as I haven't had any updates yet. I'm checking the status of the online application every day like a madman. Got my fingers crossed
  3. by   DMooreRN
    Hi guys,

    Swimincatz I'm sorry I haven't replied to your private isn't letting me for some reason, I think because I haven't had enough posts...

    I haven't heard anything about an interview for UMB either. I just found out today, though, that I got accepted to Northeastern University's program for fall 2013 and since it is my top choice I will probably end up going there. If you are looking for some interviewing advice, you can look at the Drexel University thread in the pre-CRNA inquiry forum...I just posted a bunch of the questions the admissions committee from NU asked me on there!

    Good luck hearing about interviews...I'm sure you will get them!! Keep me updated! :-)
  4. by   Terpole
    Yesterday just got an email to schedule an interview. Really excited and hopeful I'll get in. Any one heard anything else? I was told they would send interview request til December. Guess they moved things up
  5. by   Goldenatom
    Ya, I got an email the other day.
  6. by   kdlrn
    Congratulations! I got an email on Friday... I'm really excited to interview and it's going to be really hard to wait until January.
  7. by   DMooreRN
    Congrats on getting interviews! I got invited to interview with UMaryland as well, but not sure if I will have to accept my previous offer by then or not...will keep you updated. Good luck!! :-)
  8. by   swimincatz
    Best of luck to you! I didn't get in :-( hopefully one of the other schools I applied to will take me!
  9. by   njinga413
    I did get accepted into the program. This website was very useful for me when i was applying and i wished there were more people to offer more insight. So here i am, giving back. Let me know if you have any specific questions. Please dont PM me, just put it out there so everyone can get the info.
  10. by   Terpole
    So you're in your first year right? What are they looking for as far as standing out during the interview?
  11. by   njinga413
    Yes i am. Standing out- it really all comes down to how confident you are, how well youve researched their program, why you would pick their program over others and know some basic ICU stuff. But really confidence plays a big big role.
  12. by   Terpole
    Interviews wrapped up last week. Anybody heard anything yet? I heard they already made a decision on some people
  13. by   kdlrn
    I decided not to interview as I had already been accepted to my first choice, but my co-worker found out she got in a couple days ago. Best of luck to everyone!