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I recently submitted an application to Union and was hoping to find out more about their interview style. Any one heard or been to a Union interview in the past? Thanks in advance, David... Read More

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    I know they like Certs. Gradute classes. And community service. Also a well rounded Icu experience will help. Stay prayerful. Your time will come.

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    how do you know this? are you a student at union?
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    A good friend of mine is in the program. Also if you have attended a preview day alot of info is given out then. But if you are really gun hoe you can call up the director and ask what they look for. I would recommend this especially if you dont get an interview. At any school for that matter.
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    do you know what the interview is like?
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    Get to know you type of interview.
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    Has anyone heard anything as of late when we will know if we get an interview or not?
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    anyone heard from union yet? this is my second time to apply. got an interview last year.. but sadly didn't get in.
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    anyone got a letter yet
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    I too have applied. So someone has talked to the school and they said notifications will be sent out May 1st? This waiting is driving me crazy.
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    Praying4crna, how was the interview & what type of questions did they ask you?

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