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I recently submitted an application to Union and was hoping to find out more about their interview style. Any one heard or been to a Union interview in the past? Thanks in advance, David... Read More

  1. by   krob212
    hey everyone just reading these threads trying to figure out what to expect during my interview. Its on the 16th at 840 probably one of the first ones. Any ideas? I am flying in from TX anyone have info about Jackson? We visited for Preview Day, but any help would be appreciated. Thnks and GOOD LUCK!
  2. by   ParalyzeDragon
    Well I guess most of us had our interviews. The questions were all personal i.e. experience as an RN, charge RN experience, ccrn and other certifications, other degrees if any, how you incorporate faith into your job daily, understanding of time commitment for studying for CRNA school, strengths and weaknesses, where are you from, types of pt you take care of, vents, drips. This is a small summary of what was discussed in my interview. People were so incredibly nice. There were only two professors in the room interviewing. In the waiting area there were two students answering questions and handing out water. At the end the professors asked if I had any questions for them.
  3. by   praying4crna
    This was how it was last year.. so nice, but I didn't get in. They are interviewing until fri
  4. by   ucan2ccrn
    Had my interview today. Went great. They complimented on how well spoken I was. Keep praying and trusting it will come to pass one way or another.
  5. by   krob212
    It's impossible not to feel good after an interview structured that way. The staff and students were all incredibly nice. The problem is they can only take around 25 out of 63. Who knows how they narrow it down.
  6. by   ParalyzeDragon
    I think they already know who they are going to admit as all students are ranked via some formula I am not familiar with. I think they were conducting 70 or so interviews this week. That is alot of competition. I just wanted to give more an idea of what specific questions were going to be asked because I did not know and couldnt find much on this except that it was a meet and greet. The odds of getting in are more than of getting in I did calculations and there is an approximate 19% chance of being admitted.
  7. by   ParalyzeDragon
    are there any latinos applying to the program
  8. by   praying4crna
    Its all based on how you do as an interviewer!!! And probably.. chances are your odds of getting in is higher if you know someone close to the board members or went undergrad there.
  9. by   ParalyzeDragon
    I am glad everyone feels their interview went well!
  10. by   trauma735
    Does anyone know when we will know if we got in or not? I heard they call people Monday if they got in but another person said they called them on the Friday of interviews, which they are still doing them today so I don't know how that would happen?
  11. by   praying4crna
    Prob sometime next week.
  12. by   ParalyzeDragon
    Hey I called the school and was told they are closed Monday so maybe Tuesday people might be notified.
  13. by   trauma735
    I wonder if they meant closed on Monday as in a week from tomorrow for Memorial Day. I don't know why they would be closed this Monday as in the 23rd.