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Just wondering how many SRNA's tjere are out there that got to do a clinical in the OR with a CRNA? And if you did...was it helpful during the application process and also now while you are in school? Have a nice day:) Ivy.... Read More

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    Will keep my head low in school...I'm just so blessed and excited to get this type of instruction and teaching before I ever go! I mean how many students/nurses ever really get to do this stuff before they go to school? I'd say not many...I'll just look extra smart when I intubate on the first try! By the way I did it so much the other day that my arm is so sore! Got to lift some weights. What I have found from this whole experience is that I am perfect for this and I totally have found my nitch...I love it...the control, the responsiblity, the team....its so me!
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    True, athomas. Also it will not buy you popularity among your classmates and teachers to sound like a know-it-all. Tell people you have a great understanding of the CRNA role from all that exposure, but not that you already know how to intubate, etc etc.

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    i shadowed 4 crna's, and interviewed another three. my goals was not skill acquisition, but rather to learn if this role was a fit for me. i am 39 and want to ensure at this point i am making a good decision. i observed how physicians and crna's communicate at induction, how "breaks" are handled...including the mini-reports. in one instance, a surgeon didn't want me observing and the way the crna handled this made me feel humbled and part of a team. most surgeons were supportive of my plans. i was impressed with the communication required between the crna and sds, icu and recovery room nurses. i shadowed specifically to better understand the linchpins and conflicts around the role. my observation included time at a children's hospital, an adult hospital and a freestanding surgery center. this opportunity intensified my desire and permitted me to witness crna's responding to questions, developing their professional approach and how they intervened to correct misinformation. now my focus is on understanding legislative issues current to the role.
    hope this helps.


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