plz reply!! About the G.R.E. test and CRNA program in Georgia

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    what is the G.R.E. like? what is a high score?

    There only 2 CRNA programs in georgia: Mercer univiersity in macon and one in agusta. I stay closer to macon so I would perfer to go to Mercer University. In regards to Mercer university and the G.R.E., am I suppose to take the general G.R.E. or the subject tests?

    I am currently a college student and will be applying for the nursing program. Yeah, I know, I have a while before I actually apply to CRNA school but hey time flys by.
    maybe by the time I apply georgia will offer more crna programs.

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    The GRE is not bad, you need to just take the general one. Mercer wants you to get a 1000 at least. They have an open house info session once or twice during the year to watch there website for that. When I was at the info session this is what they said about the GRE and GPA. They said, "we ideally want you to have at least a 1000 on the GRE and a 3.3 GPA to be competitive but they counter balance eachother. So if you have a higher GPA your GRE can be lower and still be competitive and visa versa (sp?)" not and exact quote but the jist of what they said. I had a 1170 on the GRE (which some consider high) and a GPA of 3.94. I had an interview with Mercer and MCG but cancelled them after I got into another school.

    Also Mercer seems like a great choice but be warned that their office people are idiots (IMO) because they lost parts of my application packet twice. THe lost a letter of reccomendation (which is very difficult to resubmit) and they lost my GRE scores with are sent directly from the testing company SO BEWARE. ANother girl i interviewed with at another school had the same thing happen with her packet too...
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    Actually, there may be fewer programs...Mercer's is closing. I couldn't find out why, so I e-mailed the program director directly.
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    You need to just worry about nursing school. You have to make sure you get a high GPA and also at least 2 years of ICU experience before you will even be considered.
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    In the fall of 2013 GHSU (formerly known as MCG) will be adding a Macon campus to cover the deficit the closing of the Mercer program will leave. It is partnering up with MCCG and will be having a class of 10 students. The 1st 3 semesters will be didactic at the Augusta campus, then the last 4 semesters will be at MCCG.
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    I took the GRE after being out of school for 3 years and scored 1150. I did a little research about what was on the test and got a book from the book store and read that for about 2 weeks. I think you will do just fine. You can always take it again and try and get a better score, so even if you don't do the best the first time, its not the end of the world.
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    Well ive gotten n 2 an asn program! Yay! One step closer! Next is my bsn. I hope i cn actually get crna skool. Ima hav to wrk extra hard to brng my gpa up.
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    It might help your GPA if you improved your spelling. I recognize this is a forum and not a classroom, but getting into a good habit of spelling things correctly will help you in school. (Yes, it has a ch not a k).
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    So just because I spelled school as skool, you think I don't know how to spell? I didnt realize I was writing an essay for my proffessor. I thought I was just posting on a forum.

    You noticed the spelling but you didn't notice the punctuation?
    I didnt capitalize all the i's and i didn't use apostrophes. I abbreviated "bring" by omitting the i.
    if your going to correct me, correct the whole paragraph not just a word.
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    MedicalMinded, don't pay them any attention. Negative people are always hungry, but I let them starve by not giving them any attention. In the words of my mother " I may not have said it correctly, but you know what I meant"!

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