Pitt CRNA 2015

  1. Anyone accepted to Pitt's class of Jan 2015?
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  3. by   Mjb3313
    I am also doing the spring 2015 start
  4. by   Bdoll_RN
    Me too I can't wait!
  5. by   krisbow
    Hey classmates!!! So excited to be starting with all of you! Just went to the spring anesthesia seminar today and it made me even more excited!
  6. by   potshot029
    I'll be starting spring 2015 too
  7. by   kbl7td
    I am applying in December 2014 for the Fall 2015 class. How were the interviews? Can you guys post your stats so I know what they like? Any tips or advice?
  8. by   akcant
    Hello guys! I'll be starting in Jan 2015 as well! I am moving from Florida, heading up there soon to look for a place to live. Do you all have any input on housing? Ill be living alone, looking for a one bedroom or studio. I don't really mind how far away from campus I will be as long as it won't be terrible to get to class/clinical (I have never lived in the snow before). Thanks guys, and congrats!!
  9. by   ahm5012
    Hi! Congrats on getting in! I've been living in pittsburgh for a month now and I can tell you what I know. There is a bus system that is free for students which would probably be the best form of transportation to and from school. I know that parking in the garages near the school can be like $15-20 a day. Otherwise, most ppl in the program that I've met live mainly in squirrel hill or shady side. Both are roughly about 15 min bus ride to school. I found my house on Craigslist but I definitely recommend looking and contacting realtors asap for a place to live bc I think it might take a little bit more work to find a place in the winter. Hopefully that has helped a little bit. Let me know if you have more questions and I can try my best to help!
  10. by   akcant
    thanks so much! and congrats too! I do have a few more questions. Where is NOT a good/safe place to live? And how early do the buses run, when I interviewed up there I think the earliest was 0600 but I can't recall. I am so excited to meet you all! I also have some info for anyone that is wondering… I spoke with Laurie Jo today, we are all being automatically enrolled in our classes at the end of this month so no need to worry about that.
  11. by   Bdoll_RN
    I would steer away from the hill district (At the top of the hill past trees hall). It tends to be a rougher area. I lived in South Oakland when I went to undergrad at Pitt and it was loud, dirty, and most of the housing wasn't kept up very well. I would never want to live there for grad school, or ever again. Now I live in the north side, which depending on where you live can be a little sketchy as well, but I've lived here since the summer and I love it. If you stick to the Mexican War Streets, you'll be fine. Other safe areas to pick from are Squirrel Hill and Shadyside, but Shadyside tends to be pretty pricey. There are plenty of suburbs that are nice and safe, but personally I enjoy the convenience of living close to campus and all of the entertainment on the north side.

    If you find a place, feel free to ask if it's in a safe area!

    I took the buses everywhere in college and I never really took them earlier than 0600- they tend to run until about 0230 and then pick up again around 0400-0500, although before 0600 the buses come infrequently.
  12. by   akcant
    thanks Bdoll_RN! So earlier someone mentioned the cost of parking… is it safe to say that if I locate near a bus route I can typically rely on the buses and not usually have to drive? Also, what about Friendship, or Bloomfield? I really appreciate all the input!
  13. by   akcant
    has anyone been enrolled in classes yet? I was told it was automatic at the end of October...
  14. by   2sedate
    Hi all, and congrats to those already accepted to Pitt's program. I was wondering if any of you are starting the part-time program? I'm really interested to know how manageable the classes are while still working. Thanks!