Our lady of Lourdes anesthesia program

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    I just got accepted into our lady of lourdes nurse anesthesia program for Spring 2011 and I was wondering if anyone on here is in my class!!!!!

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    I am going to be in your class too... Where r u from... local or out of state? I am coming from DC
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    hey, I'm from Outta State. I'm moving from Santa Clara, CA.
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    I got an interview with lourdes!! How did you guys prepare for the science test? interview? Any help would be great. Thank you in advance!
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    Lourdes is double the price of UMDNJ, I wonder why NJ residents consider going there? Thoughts?
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    Quote from DGabe24
    Lourdes is double the price of UMDNJ, I wonder why NJ residents consider going there? Thoughts?
    If one got accepted at lourdes but not at UMDNJ,that's a very good reason.
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    Quote from DGabe24
    Lourdes is double the price of UMDNJ, I wonder why NJ residents consider going there? Thoughts?
    Lourdes is associated with Drexel University in Philadelphia, so technically it is an out of state private university that you get your degree from and why it is so much more money. UMDNJ provides instate tuition rates.

    Another portion is people will go wherever and pay whatever to any program that accepts them.

    dee82 do your research about this program because I have not heard good things about it, such as 2 students to one case, low board pass rates, etc. Remember the interview works both ways. You are also interviewing THEM about their program. You are going to be spending a lot of money to go to school so make sure you are getting your moneys worth.
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    I too have an interview with Lourdes next week. Although ckh23 has a good point about researching the school, I have heard the Lourdes system and schools are very good, including the CRNA school. It is a Drexel affiliation. I have dealt with going to a private college for my BSN and it was way better of an education than that of my associates degree and previous bachelors at a state school, even with the extra money. As mentioned, we should all be mindful and also think about picking the school which best suits us, and we will be able to assess it more during the interview, but I am definitely looking forward to my interview and attending this school. I am reviewing a lot of CCRN and ACLS info. I deal with it a lot at work, but I want to be as prepared as I can be. Good luck.
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    Hello Dee82 and Mr.e01,

    Congrats on interviewing with OLLMC!! I know that must be a wonderful feeling!! I was just wondering how your CRNA interviews went with them. What was interview day like for you? I have been hoping to gain some insight from anyone who has actually interviewed there. I have an interview with them on September 13 and I'm super excited but in a sense feel like I'm not sure what to expect. I have been studying all of my CCRN, cardiac medicine, cardiac surgery, and ACLS materials to adequately prepare for the "science exam." How was the exam for you all by the way? And how was the interview itself? Laid back type or full or hard core clinical questioning? I'm preparing for the latter regardless. Rather be overprepared than underprepared. ANY advice would be appreciated. Thanks!!
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    Good luck on Sept 13.. Be confident is my best advice. Study ACLS and CCRN stuff and maybe a little chemistry. Know your unit/ types of patients. Dress well and be early. Believe in yourself and like you said..be overprepared. Again good luck..you will do great

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