Not Including all Transcripts on CRNA Application

  1. Hello everyone,

    Has anyone ever submitted a CRNA application without including one of my transcripts. I took two 1 credit courses over the summer at a random community college about 4 years ago and literally completely forgot. I had an emergency in the middle of the semester and since they were online I totally stopped logging in and ended up with an F in both. Can the CRNA schools find out about this? What should I do?
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  3. by   Stymes07
    i know that it sucks but you should be completely honest....if it was later discovered that you did not fully disclose all colleges you may forfeit any changes you have getting accepted into school
  4. by   bloomRN
    I agree that your best option in this situation (and in any situation in my opinion) is complete and total honesty. Were I on the admissions committee I would consider such honesty and integrity a tremendous strength. When you consider the profession of Anesthesia honesty and integrity is an absolute must as we handle controlled substances on a regular basis. Be honest, submit the missing transcript, and trust/hope that they will overlook the grades and remember your honesty...good luck!
  5. by   NutmeggeRN
    Honesty is best! The world will not stop spinning on its axis because of a failed class, especially if there were extenuating circumstances!
  6. by   SHGR
    Yes, because the random community college just might be the one from which you later take a statistics course that is required for entry into the program. Or for whatever other reason they find out.

    Similar happened to me but the prof actually gave me a D- for the effort I had put in prior to...just not going anymore.
  7. by   duluthrn
    I agree with the above posters, honesty is the best policy. You will hurt yourself more by not sending in all the required transcripts. On the up side, some schools will allow you to submit an addition statement if there are any extenuating circumstances you want the admissions committee to know about. Also remember, you will have a chance to explain yourself in an interview. Good luck!
  8. by   foraneman
    Agreeing with everyone else. You never know how this might come back to bite you. I assume these classes would have been possible credit towards your BS? And that the school which granted you your degree would have accepted the credits had you passed and asked them to? If yes you should be honest and explain the situation. It should not hurt you. If NO, these were not credits taken towards your BS since your degree school would never had accepted them then in my view you do not have to report would be similar to having taken a pottery class at the county extension center.
  9. by   jojasonrn
    If you read the end of most applications you will have to sign an agreement stating that you filled the application with full accuracy and if that is not included in your GPA it will be considered providing false information and you app will not only be thrown out it will be recorded for future apps. My friend had this same problem but didn't forget, he just didn't want the drop in GPA
  10. by   wtbcrna
    As long as this transcript wasn't sent to any other school that you are sending the transcripts from it should be fine. I wouldn't report a one credit hr class from a school if that is the only class ever taken there, and if it ever comes up say you just forgot about it. It isn't even worth mentioning.