My applications stats for Barry, any ideas?

  1. Hi, I am applying for Barry need some feedback. Does anyone know how Barry goes about deciding interviews? Has anyone interviewed there with similar stats? hoping my GPA and experience canovershadow my lackluster GRE score. My wife and I are both applying, hoping one of us gets an interview. My file is complete, any idea how long the turn around time is? I called and they just said it was under review. ANY information/comments would be much appreciated.

    Nurse 6 years
    SICU at teaching hospital (4 years)
    CCU ( 2 years(
    BA 3.5
    BSN 4.0
    GRE 850

    In graduate level course now, finish in a week.
    Theories In Advanced Practice- A ( had to take this before patho)
    Advanced Pathophysiology - A
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    I think I'll move this to the pre-CRNA forum for you so you will get more responses.
  4. by   Zaphod
    Sounds good..But I would retake the GRE.850 is little too low everything else is stellar.
  5. by   sam12345
    Whoa! I think you already know what I'm going to say... Everything looks great, BUT what happened to your GRE score? Barry will be having their second interview session toward the end of this month. If I were in your position I would reschedule the GRE, then send a letter to be included in your application package saying your intentions are to retake your GRE's and the date it is scheduled for. If you do get an interview though, be prepared to explain why the score was so low. Advice on that, don't give a bunch of excuses, just let them know straight up that you didn't study as much as you should have and that it's not a good representation of your potential. Then, stress to them that you will retake it. You may just get provisionally accepted, pending retake of the GRE. And, as long as you don't go into the interview sweating perfusely and you can articulate why you want to be a CRNA, then you have a great shot. (Some encouragement---My GRE wasn't great, only 1040 and I got in, but they look at the whole picture, and your other stats are great) Good luck!!!!
  6. by   milkamnesia
    I concur with the previous post. My GRE was low too (970) when I applied and I had to retake it.Actually, I did not get an interview until I retook it. After I retook it, got a score of 1280 I got an interview and was accepted.They did not even asked me why I got a such low score the first time. Therefore If I were you, I would retake it. good luck.