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low undergrad gpa?

  1. 0 ok so im getting closer and closer to applying to crna school. heres my stats....
    4 years as a nurse (2 of which are ICU), ccrn, 1100s on GREs, BSN from a nationally accredited school, shadowed several CRNAs, but my only concern is my undergrad gpa which was only 3.2 all my science courses were atleast Bs, but its my other non sciences courses that weighed me down. Ive beeen taking graduate level nurse practitioner courses to help prove that I'm a changed person and I currently have 24 credits in core graduate nursing courses including advanced pharm., advanced patho, research, theory, ethics; all with a combined GPA of 3.7 . NOw my concern is will i satill be a strong candidate for CRNA school admission even with a 3.2 undergrad GPA?please any feedback would be apprecieated.thanks :/
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    All of your stats look pretty good. Your GPA from your graduate classes will help with your GPA from undergrad. I personally think your stats look good enough to at least get an interview.

    Just remember this is just one part of the admission process. Lots of people look good on paper and the fail the interview.
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    hey Thanks for the reply, yea all im hoping for even just an interview in atleast a couple of schools im applying to. thanks for the insight
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    Some school, like Barry, weigh the last 60 credits more favorably, knowing your early years may not have been good. My first year out of college I was in the mid 2.5s with my GPA, just graduated with a 3.54 GPA for my BSN and am already accepted to Barry.
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    How was gre?
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    How was my score or how was it to take? My score was 1160.
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    Sorry, I was asking for score. I bombed first time, plan to retake in a few weeks.
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    hey I got accepted!!!! nursemastermike is my other username
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    Congratulations! You're a success story and a spark of hope for other 3.2'ers with CRNA hopes like myself!
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    Congratulations! I am now in the same boat, gpa 3.19. I have a I just applied to two crna schools for the fall of 2012. Trying to stay hopeful!
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    If it is any consolation, I know of a guy that is in with these stats: GPA-3.07, gre- 780, 2.5 yrs of icu, online BSN. The interview is the key. He is fortunate have gotten the interview; however, he rocked it out. His associates GPA was 2.45 and BSN was 3.91. Depends on how the school looks at it. Congrats.
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    I applied and was accepted to a program in Illinois. My GPA is like a 3.3 or so...not sure, just know that it is not a 4.0. I think as long as you experience is there and you rock the interview you will be great! Also, have good reference letters. I did not need to take the GRE so I can not help you with that. :-( Good LUCK!!!!