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Wow...I can't believe it's only been been 3 1/2 months! It feels like it's been at least a year. But finally, a few hours ago today, I took my last final and finished my first semester of CRNA school! I figured this would be a... Read More

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    Please see comment below
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    Quote from blonde_dude
    it's been difficult finding a post addressing this very question: how good is a particular icu? i know it's preferable to work in the nastiest, biggest, baddest icu available, but i would rather not live in downtown chicago, but put equal weight on living somewhere i really enjoy, close to outdoor activities without commuting an hour to go mountain biking and hunting. anyway, all comments and thoughts welcome!!
    i'm sorry, not sure how i missed your question. hopefully you still read this thread and you will see my answer. as long as you are knowledgable and have experience with ventilated patients and vasoactive gtts, you should be good. some of the schools i applied to asked a lot of pathophysiology questions, and thankfully nursing school was only a year ago so i could answer them intelligently. mostly they ask about things you should know, like your area of expertise. i got lots of neuro questions because i work on a neuro floor. most of our students came from level-1 trauma centers, but we have a lot that came from community hospitals too.
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    Quote from IceGuy
    Why federal loans? People keep telling me that, but the federal loans I found all have interest rates around 6-7% and 10-15 year repayment terms. I did a private student loan from a credit union and pay 5% with a 30 year repayment term. I will pay it off sooner, but it's nice to know I can drop down to a super low monthly payment if necessary. Is there some other reason to pick federal loans?
    Technically a private student loan can reset its interest rate for a variety of reasons (e.g., market conditions, your payment history, etc). Federal student loans are guaranteed at a set interest rate, can be differed while you're in school, and used to be subsidized (but that went away this year ). If you feel comfortable getting your loans through a trusted facility, you can. I just felt better getting a Stafford and Graduate plus loan from the government.
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    Quote from 17innswood
    How much do you need to remember from your prerequisites from nursing school? I am starting CRNA school in about a month and am worried that I won't rmember enough from my previous chemistry and nursing courses (from 8 years ago). Do they expect you to just know things before starting school?
    You need to know your A&P very well. Definitely brush up on some organic chemistry, know the difference between an ester and an amide. I would review cellular biology (depolarization, repolarization, etc). You'll need some stats for the research class too. I mostly just brushed up as I learned and studied for class.
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    Quote from samiam856
    I'm getting ready to start my BSN is August but I already have a goal se to become a CRNA so I want to make sure I do anything that will help me reach that goal. Can anyone give me any advice or tell me of their experiences? Feel free to private message me and anything would be appreciated. Thanks
    Pay very close attention when you learn about the autonomic nervous system, we use it all the time to manage BP and perfusion. Pay attention to respiratory physiology (FRC, V/Q, etc). Learn to be a good nurse and find a great place to learn about ventilators and vasoactive gtts. Enjoy the journey, nursing is awesome.
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    Thanks for the quick reply! I hope that my classes are back to back dates so I don't have to make several trips a week. Also, is the student insurance a joke? Does it cover much of anything and what about dental or vision? In addition, I just purchased a new MacBook for class but I seen on Wolford's website that they reccomend an Ipad, I have an Iphone and was wondering if all the material and class stuff was accessible on the Ipad?
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    The classes will be back to back. Most students use laptops because it's easier to take notes and write papers on than compared to an iPad. The health insurance is pretty weak but we just got an email today saying the coverage has been pumped up due to the affordable healthcare act. I still think its wicked expensive, but it provides a lot more coverage now. No dental or vision though. Take advantage of your benefits before quiting!
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    I just got the info yesterday. For fall classes are Mon from 8-2 (or maybe it was 230). And tues from 8-6 (!! Long day). You have to buy the books through the school as a package which i don't like..$1800 for that.
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    Those are long days! I just hope my February start date has my classes back to back! I did read you had to purchase the books through the school but isn't that already figured in to part of the financial aid?
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    Quote from Roush57
    Those are long days! I just hope my February start date has my classes back to back! I did read you had to purchase the books through the school but isn't that already figured in to part of the financial aid?
    Most students like to purchase their books used and online for cheaper. It does assure that we all have our books on the first day of class though, I've had some nightmares trying to get used books (we don't have a textbook store in Naples). I personally sold a lot of the books we didn't use much during didactics.

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