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Hello, is anybody interviewing or has interviewed for Barry University's CRNA program for Jan 2012 entry? I would like to talk to some people that have or will be.... Read More

  1. by   mathaka
    I am in, still waiting on the letter, should arrive today. I am still wondering about which clinical site to ask for. Anybody know about the Miami Shores location? I think having access to faculty could be a nice touch for the classwork portions. Any advice shandsburnRN-CRNA?
  2. by   shandsburnRN-CRNA
    That will depend on whether you can sit in a classroom without an instructor present and not get side tracked.

    The instructors are easy to reach via phone and email. Plus the satellite program they use to teach is 2-way, so you can always ask questions during lecture just like the students in the classroom. Also just picking Miami for clinical is not going to give full-time access to the instructors as some of them lecture from Tampa, Orlando and Gainesville. Also, while I was in school they were recording the lectures via the satellite system so we could access and relisten to the lectures again....not sure if they are still doing that though.
  3. by   CBAZ
    I'm in for Jan 2012 also. I put West Palm as my first choice because that's where my husband's job will transfer him. Any info on that location for clinicals?
  4. by   icurslo
    Hello all. I'm interviewing in Aug for Jan 2012. If accepted, God willing, I plan to choose the Orlando campus. A buddy of mine I work with has chosen Orlando. Another coworker chose Gainsville.
  5. by   fyrace
    If you have an interview you have a good shot getting in, and most all who pick Orlando get it. I am in the Orlando component and start the head start Chem and Prof Aspects Aug 31st. Keep in touch and good luck.
  6. by   Cougpin
    Icurslo. Congrats on the interview in August I will be there as well. I am leaning towards Tampa, because my wife wants to be closer to the beach. Is anyone familiar with the area around the Tampa campus? Is it a safe area?
  7. by   Snappz11
    I will be starting with Barry in January (hopefully at the Tampa clinical site) and currently live in Tampa. From what I understand, the Barry campus is located in or close to carollwood which is a decent area. However, the campus is also very close to south tampa which is a great area, although more expensive, so the commute would not be too bad...
  8. by   Cougpin
    Thanks for the info! I have heard great things about Tampa so I'm glad to hear that the Neighborhood is a good one. I'm about 90% sure that Tampa will be the campus I choose.
  9. by   Snappz11

    Have you heard anything about the clinical site/ experience in Tampa? I am familiar with the hospitals but have never worked at any of them...
  10. by   CaliCVICURN
    I need some advice. I am interviewing August 22, 2011 for the Barry University CRNA program, beginning in January 2012. I am aware that there are already some threads on this subject, but none specific to what I'm searching for. As you may or may not know, there are several campuses including Orlando, Tampa, Miami, Ocala, etc. I was just curious if anyone has any insight on these sites from a cost of living aspect? I am not moving there for vacation, so I am hoping to chose a site that will be safe/affordable for my wife and myself. Also, has anyone been through the interview recently? The only thing I am concerned about is the test. (The chemistry portion in particular) If anyone has any insight on how to prepare it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!
  11. by   Snappz11
    I interviewed for Barry in June. The interview consisted of a financial aid presentation, the chemistry/ critical care quiz, and the personal interview. The interview is very laid back.. why you want to be a crna, why Barry, have you shadowed, how have you prepared to enter the program... I was not asked any clinical questions. The quiz consisted of general chem, organic chem, and critical care questions...reviewing basic concepts (such as naming etc.) may help prepare you. However, I have heard that performance on the quiz does not influence admission to the program.
  12. by   Cougpin

    All I know about the clinical sights I have learned from different forums. I read one thread (I don't remember where) that went into detail about the Tampa clinical sights. It sounded like people were pretty happy with their experiences in Tampa. The only bad thing brought up by the posters was the fact that their isn't a level 1 trauma center among them. However St. Joseph's is a level 2 trauma center and I would imagine that it gets some pretty good cases.
  13. by   Cougpin

    I have searched for rentals a ton near all five classroom locations. By far the cheapest location is Ocala. However the crime rate there is pretty small for a small town so I don't know about how safe it is.