How to become an anesthetist after you already have a masters?

  1. So I hope someone can help, I am just starting my nursing program, its an accelerated BSN-MSN program and the masters portion of the program doesn't have any specialties I am super interested in. If I get my masters in lets say pediatrics, once i'm done and have the requirements (ICU experience etc) can I just go to a certificate program to become an anesthetist or even a doctorate program? I think it would be silly to have two separate masters, and if the program is two years if that extra two years could give me a doctorate.
    I could always stop my program once i finish my bachelors (and become an RN) but that would have to be my last option. I have a B.S in a different area, so I really dont want two Bachelors and two master degrees (seems a bit much dont ya think??)
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  3. by   Esme12
    No, I believe you must go to a Nurse Anesthetist program. Moved to pre-CRNA for best results.
  4. by   Terpole
    I think you can save yourself some alot of unnecessary waste of time, money, etc. if you just withdraw from your MSN program and start working on the application requirements for CRNA school now.
  5. by   naptime14
    Agree with the above comments. CRNA programs are completely different than all others. They won't care if you have a Master's degree in some sort of pediatric specialty or something else. You will have to go through the whole anesthesia program along with all your other classmates in the program. You may just be exempt from your pre-req coures (theory, research, policy, etc). While your classmates are taking these courses, they would just make you do more time in the O.R. If CRNA is the route you want to take, just focus on becoming a nurse in an ICU and working on your CRNA application.
  6. by   777RN
    Hi! There are post-master's certificates in nursing anesthesia. Just Google "post master's certificate nurse anesthesia." In my state, Michigan, Oakland University has such a program. Good luck!
  7. by   condanchri
    There are definitely Post-Masters certificate programs. Look on the aana site under CRNA schools. I will have my general MSN, then will be applying for post-masters cert. (after icu experience) Good luck!
  8. by   SRNA4U
    I'm currently in a post-masters nurse anesthesia program. I have a MSN in nursing education. Pennsylvania is another state that has a lot of post-master anesthesia programs. You would be exempt from many of the core courses and would just be left with your anesthesia courses, which significantly reduces you course load each quarter/semester.