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Questions is in the title, I'm just wondering what the average age range for students starting there programs are... Read More

  1. by   goodgrief
    age doesn't always mean that you're an experienced provider. I know many MD's/CRNA's that went to school MUCH later in life. you asked people not to just tell you, "go for it" so I gave my honest opinion. plus, just like in my post, I said that a 77 year old works on my OB floor and he does fine, just as I'm sure you will do fine as well. any school will accept you and gladly take your money. whether or not you can get a job as a 63 y/o CRNA is a very different story, try to think of it from the point of view of the owners of anesthesia groups you'd be interviewing with, if they had 2-3 options of new grads (and they will b/c the CRNA market is becoming oversaturated), one or two that are 35ish and one that's 63, who do you think they'd go with? likely the one that will cost them less money providing life insurance, health insurance, etc. Although at that point a 63 year old would soon qualify for medicare so may actually not need health insurance provided. One can also find a job that's 1099, straight cash, without benefits. best of luck applying to school and most importantly getting through school, it will HONESTLY be one of the most challenging things you take on in your life in a very real sense.....and I know by experience!
  2. by   PeaceKeepr
    I'll be 32 this August when I start.
  3. by   Dexter1
    Will be 28 when I start and 30 when I graduate. Starting at Texas Wesleyan U in August.
  4. by   DCdea
    I'll be 32 this fall when I start...21 for BSN....27 for 32 for CRNA. ouch student loans....forever!!
  5. by   m1lkofamnesia
    I'll be 24 when I start this fall.
  6. by   BHRN85
    I'm trying to revive this thread to get some more recent responses - would love to hear from people starting school 2016 or 2017!
  7. by   ProgressiveThinking
    Ill be 30 when I start next year, and 32 when I graduate. I wish I did this a few years back when I had less financial commitments, but at the same time I'm glad I was able to enjoy my twenties the way I did!

    The way I look at it is since the average retirement age = 62, I should have 30 years left to work. Last year the average person who took boards was 32.4 years old, so I pretty much fall in line with the average SRNA.

    Every year, the average age of people who take boards has been slightly decreasing (34, 33.4, 32.7).
  8. by   anotheroneofmany
    I'm 34, and I will be 37 when I graduate. I do wish I'd have started younger, but nursing is a second career for me. I also really enjoyed the five years I worked at the bedside, so I wasn't in a huge rush to leave at the time.
  9. by   HHardyRN
    I will start this fall at 23
  10. by   BlueChocolateCat
    I'll be starting right after I turn 25. Finishing at 27. When I start I will have over 2.5 years of ICU experience as a BSN, RN
  11. by   Chyna2
    Is there anyone out there who has gone back to CRNA school after 50 years old?
    Klr24371, a couple years ago you said you were going to apply. How did things work out for you?
  12. by   firemedic12
    I'm 29 right now and I'll be applying next year at 30. Planning to be finished by 33. I'd rather do a MSN/MSNA versus the doctoral if I can. I'm so sick of school. CRNA will be my 4th degree 🤢
  13. by   renardeau
    Started at 26, will be 29 when I finish my doctorate