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Questions is in the title, I'm just wondering what the average age range for students starting there programs are... Read More

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    Will start CRNA school in several months. 25 at starting date, 28 at graduation.

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    I will start CRNA school this summer at 27.
    I'll have a little less than 3 years ICU experience.
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    Starting at 27 and will be 30 when I graduate.
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    starting at 30 this may and will be 32 by graduation God Willing
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    I will be 28 when I start and 30 when I graduate! I have been an ICU RN for 5 years.
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    I'm starting in the Fall 2013. I'll be 30.5 years old. I'll be done right before my 33rd birthday. With any luck I'll be practicing soon after turning 33! I commend those who decide what they want when they are young and go after it, but I also admire those who are brave enough to go at this as a second career later in life.
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    I just turned 24 and I'm starting at Kaiser this fall! SO excited and ready!
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    39, and I an mot the oldest
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    I'm 22. I start in May at CAMC in WV. I will graduate when I am 25 (3 year program). I turn 23 in August. Here's how it happened as I'm sure some are wondering:

    Graduated HS at almost 18 years old. Then got married shortly after.... yea.. i know. Anyhow I'm still happily married.
    Took one semester of pre-reqs at college.
    Start Nursing school (ADN) January 2009.
    Started working as a unit clerk/monitor tech part time in ICU January 2010 (one year into my ADN).
    Got pregnant with my daughter in October 2010 (What can I say? I'm a planner.)
    Graduated my ADN December 2010 with 3.52 - passed boards a couple of weeks after graduation.
    Started working as an RN full time December 2010.
    Took 5 classes of my BSN starting in January 2011.
    Took summer and fall of 2011 off from school to be with my daughter who was pretty sickly at the time.
    Started BSN classes back January 2012.
    Took my CCRN September 2012 - passed first try. Took my GRE - 310 (155 and 155). PALS, ACLS, etc. etc., nursing research team, Beacon task force, yada yada yada....
    Graduated BSN December 2012 with 3.62.
    Applied and interviewed for Murray State University in KY at the Morehead site - BOMBED the interview and didn't get in. Not surprised...
    Applied (spur of the moment... kinda) to CAMC in Charleston WV for May 2013 start date with 2 years of experience - LANDED IT! Don't ask me how.... really.
    Selling our house now and looking to move up there soon.

    My husband started a job in Nitro, WV about 4 months ago (before I even considered applying to CAMC).. Okay, well I had considered it and thought about CAMC for a long time, but wasn't sure if I was going to apply. So everything is certainly working out.

    So add into that list the fact that we bought a foreclosed home that was ran down and fixed it up.. We completely flipped the house and are looking to make some money off of it before school starts. That would be nice. Also add that my husband who previously had a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration before we married went back and obtained his second Bachelor's Degree in Acounting. Shew!!! We have been busy!

    So here are some things that I attribute to my early success:
    1. God. Absolutely, always, and undoubtedly God has blessed me in countless ways! He has made all of this possible for me and always has a plan. I continually prayed for God's will to be done, not mine and I had to have faith that this was going to happen.
    2. Great family support - my mom and dad and my husband's mom and dad are always willing to go out of their way to help us (with fixing up the house, watching our daughter, etc.)
    3. Early decision of what I wanted to do. I was in nursing school when I started thining about going to CRNA school. However, I frequently tossed around midwifery and med school with CRNA, but ultimately landed in this category. I am very happy I did. Why? Screaming women? No thanks. 4 year residency? No thanks.
    4. Communication!!! I mean between God and myself and between my husband and myself.
    5. Lastly, I don't believe in luck. I believe in God's will. But if I were one to believe in luck, it would go here.
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    Quote from icu-ickyou
    Applied and interviewed for Murray State University in KY at the Morehead site - BOMBED the interview and didn't get in. Not surprised...
    Why, if you dont mind me asking, did you bomb the interview? I'm located in KY and if I ever went to CRNA school either the military or Murray would be my first choices.

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