Haunted by a couple of grades

  1. I Just got accepted into nursing school and am laying the groundwork for CRNA school.

    Many (and I do mean "many") years ago, my father committed suicide immediately preceding the semesters in which I took Pre-Calculus (C) and Calculus (D) . I should have taken a hiatus from school but unfortunately soldiered on in a complete fog of depression. The rest of my grades are good (about a 3.6 average) and I'm getting all A's now in the prereqs I'm having to take for nursing school so it should boost the gpa up a bit higher. These bad grades happened in my freshman year, and I know they aren't prereqs for CRNA school, however they are math courses. In your opinion, will they come back to haunt me?

    Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   FLTraumaRN
    Not if you keep your grades up now. My schools tend to look at your nursing grades and the last 60 hours of course work. If your overall GPA is good, you should do ok. If you are worried, you can always retake them, but I wou8ldn't if I were you.
  4. by   jls189
    I wouldn't worry about those grade too much. I was in a similar situation years back when both my parents were sick and died, and the schools I'm interested in said to just send a letter (seperate from the essay) explaining why I got a "D" in micro/A&P 1 and had to retake them. These schools have to understand that sometimes LIFE gets in the way of what we truely want to achieve. GOOD LUCK! Sorry for your loss.
  5. by   NMB IVP
    Depends on the school in which you apply. Some schools will take your circumstances into consideration. To be frank, some just don't care and go strictly by the numbers. My best advice for you is to start applying ASAP even though you do have the grades hanging over your head. While applying, take one of those classes per semester over two consecutive semesters. That will somewhat replace them on your transcript. Taking them at the same college would be your best option if that is possible.
  6. by   jls189
    Don't waste your time retaking those classes. Talk w/ the schools you are interested in and see what they have to say. Make sure you continue to do excellent in nursing school, especially the sciences. I don't think the schools will care about a D in calculus if you ace your scienecs. And as previos post says, a lot of schools will look directly a lasr 60 hours. They usually will calculate your science GPA seperately. Like I said before, GOOD LUCK! I'm sure you will do just fine.