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    I am currently attending (about to graduate :]) an ADN program at New Mexico State University @ Carlsbad. My question is this, I can finish my BSN at NMSU main or I can go to the University of New Mexico. I want to be a CRNA. Does having a BSN from a larger (more exclusive/more expensive) University carry more weight then a BSN from a State school??

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    I got into a good, well-known grad program with a BSN from a small state uni no one has ever heard of (or, hadn't at that time). The school was much more interested in my grades, references, etc., than the specific school at which I did the BSN completion program.
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    You might contact the CRNA schools you are considering and ask about requirements or other asistance. We would not know
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    moved to pre CRNA for best response.
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    I got in with a online RN-BSN. Depends on the program, but it is only a small part if the equation.
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    Unless the school houses the same CRNA program that you will be applying to or the university that you are attending for your BSN has a very poor reputation it isn't going to matter to the majority of schools where you get your BSN from.
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    Thanks everyone for your input!!

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