getting in hard to crna school, how hard is staying in

  1. 0 just out of curiosity....i know how competitive it is to get into crna school...

    im just wondering, do most people that get accepted finish the program or is there a lot of weeding out of people?

    is it common for people to drop out once they are in or is it rare? just wondering if anyone has any input..

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    I have heard that there are programs out there make it.
    I think that best piece of advice is to keep a low profile, go with the grain, stay under the radar, don't complain do what your told.
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    Seems that I saw some stats on a couple of schools where only 1 to 2 percent didnt graduate once starting a program.

    Those numbers seem pretty good to me. Im sure at least some of those dropped for reasons other than being dismissed or just not being able to cut it.
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    I would have to agree with the previous poster's statistics. This is what I have been seeing also therefore I am under the assumption that they don't do too much "weeding out" in anesthesia programs as they have to answer for their failure rate. They probably make it so hard to get in because they only want people who are going to complete the program.

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