Gay and Lesbian SRNAs attending AANA Seattle Conference

  1. There is a group called Gay and Lesbian Anesthetists (GALA). Each year at the AANA National Conference they have a dinner.

    This year the dinner will be on Sunday, August 8. The dinner is NOT an official AANA event. Attire is casual. The organization welcomes students to attend the dinner and they will pay for the cost of students' dinners.

    I am a student and I will be attending the dinner. I was wondering if there were any other gay or lesbian SRNAs that would be interested in attending.

    If you are interested send me a message with your email address and I will forward you the information from the person organizing the event.
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  3. by   CABGx4
    Why is sexual orientation relevant to being an anesthesia provider?
  4. by   painternurse
    JJRBuckeyeRN- I am so pleased to have found this post. Do not even listen to the heteronormative talk out there. I am happy to know there is a group and I plan on doing more research into them after I reply to you. I'm an SRNA and actually doing a White Paper on an analysis of lack of diversity in NA- with a proclivity towards the LGBT community. I'm not going to Seattle, but I am going to Tampa for FANA. Hopefully I can find some members here in FL! Thanks again for your post. Good luck in school!
  5. by   cardiacrrt
    I am confused. In the interview no one is asked if they are gay or straight or any of the other identities. How is this correlated to a lack of diversity? I am not even being facetious with this post. I am asking to gain insight on how ones sexual orientation is even brought up within the process of becoming an anesthesia provider. When speak about race, ethnicity and other phenotypes expressed clearly, then we can look at certain relationships. Is it that there is a fear of saying they are gay that stops them from applying? Then with that regard, should one feel threatened to talk about that one time they forgot to hang Lasix until 2 hours later, a mistake we don't need to know about and we leave out during the interview process when selling what we bring to the table. So again help my ignorance on your thinking and even why this is relevant within medicine as a group?
  6. by   caliotter3
    Seven year old thread started by an infrequent poster. Not likely to get a response from them.
  7. by   ICUman
    I don't think this group exists any longer. I googled it and didn't find any results. Dang it. I am gay and applying for anesthesia school soon. Would be neat to meet similar people.