disorderly conduct get me kicked out of school?

  1. I got a disorderly conduct a few years back when I was young and stupid. The school sent me a form to fill out about arrest and conviction records and if I was ever convicted of a crime other than a minor traffic violation. Do I circle yes or no??

    Has anyone not gotten into school b/c of this before? I've already been accepted!

    Input is very appreciated!
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  3. by   FNP2B1
    If you lie on that form and get caught.....I guarantee that you will get kicked out. Be honest.

    If you lie now, what would prevent you from telling a lie on an anesthesia OR record? That is what the admissions committee will be thinking.
  4. by   Class2011
    I'm sure programs have seen their share of criminal records and that many people are forgiven prior transgressions. It will depend on the circumstances and the explanation you provide. Be honest, straightforward and take responsibility for your misdeeds.

    If it was long enough ago, a minor infraction, or occurred while you were a minor, you might be able to get the record sealed. You would have to research your state laws and petition the court.

    But lying on any application is grounds for dismissal at any point. You don't want that hanging over your head throughout the program.
  5. by   AbeFrohman
    I've known people with DUIs and other really bad records to get in. The factor that makes up for it was how long ago and what they have done since then. Those who had gotten in had really turned their life around.
  6. by   medic7577
    Ummm...you circle yes.
    They are going to do a pretty good background check on you anyway, so they will most likely find out. The point is, there is no reason to lie. You have already been accepted, why even entertain the thought of screwing that up. And, as another poster stated, they will see it as if you are willing to lie now, what else will you or have you already lied about????

    I understand how you feel. I got a DUI many years ago and have had to put it on every app since (nursing school, anesthesia school, and job apps). Makes you feel like crap to have to do it, but you have to own up to your mistakes and be accountable.

    You will be fine.

    Circle yes and get on with it!